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Talent management software enables the automation of talent acquisition, development and retention processes. Use talent management software to streamline and manage various HR tasks such as posting job openings, tracking job candidates, onboarding new hires, and managing employee performance. Start identifying and developing top performers or address potential talent gaps with your talent management software. Reduce the time spend on HR administration and more time on improving candidate experience and developing a strong talent pipeline.



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Maximize your Workforce Potential

Find talent by comparing qualifications and skills, identifying skill gaps and by implementing development plans right from your PeopleSpheres platform. Develop a talent pipeline, create a positioning matrix using various performance and potential criteria, enabling you to make more strategic hiring decisions.

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A Process-Oriented Approach to Talent Management

PeopleSpheres workflows allow you bring all the actions and data points from your talent management and HR systems into a single platform. You can now seamlessly manage development plans and talent pipelines to target the abilities, skills and critical functions for specific missions or projects. Streamline the process by automating certain tasks such as scheduling interviews, assigning training programs, and gathering employee feedback.

Manage talent pool - abilities and skills

Integrate Your Most-Trusted Talent Management Tools

If you’ve already invested in the best talent management software for your organization, simply integrate it to PeopleSpheres for more efficient HR management. Stimulate, value and retain employees by providing them with planning and career management tools without leaving the PeopleSpheres platform. Centralize your HR operations without giving up your favorite talent management tools.

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Your Talent Management Data in One Place

Get data regarding experience, expertise, performance and professional goals of your employees all in one place with PeopleSpheres. Solve workforce planning issues and manage development and succession plans. Learn how to identify and develop talent. Identify potential qualification gaps to prepare employees to meet current and future needs. Identify the best employees, reward them and give them the means to advance in their careers.

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Secure your Company’s Future with Succession Planning

Promote strategic succession by planning career paths before staffing deficits can occur. Create multiple succession scenarios for every position and train future leaders. Resolve staff planning issues with succession plans. Help employees play a more active role in their career progression, develop their skills and build a professional project in accordance with company needs. Improve company consistency by developing professional projects in accordance with company needs and future goals.

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Accomplish it all with talent management software


Also known as an applicant tracking system, recruiting software is often an integral part of a talent management software. It can be used to post job openings on your career site, receive and review job applications, schedule and conduct interviews and onboard new hires. Onboarding is easier because all the data from your recruiting process is transferred over to the next step with a click of a button.

Training and Development

Talent management solutions such as this allows HR departments to facilitate training and professional development. Use software to create and manage training programs and development plans to upskill your workforce and track individuals’ progress towards their development goals. This type of software can include learning management systems (LMS), course authoring software, mentoring software, etc.

Career Management

Use this solution to track employees’ skills and experience to develop and retain top talent. Help your employees set career goals, track progress towards those goals and create development plans to help them achieve those goals. Organizations that use this type of talent management software often want to support their strategic succession planning and management.

Give employees access to complete tasks that best match their skills and career goals. Reduce training and recruiting cost by evaluating both internal and external candidates on defined attributes and career development preferences.

Compensation Management

Track employee salaries and benefits, create and manage compensation plans, and generate reports on compensation data. Use this type of talent management solution to make decisions about employee bonuses and recommend salary increases.

Employee Engagement

HR professionals and managers use this talent management software to gather feedback from employees on their job satisfaction, employee sentiment, engagement and overall employee experience. Keep a pulse on your workforce with pulse surveys, for example. You can also monitor and promote employee achievements.

Performance Management

Deploy a performance management solution as part of your talent management tech stack so that you can set performance goals for your employees, track their progress towards those goals and conduct regular performance evaluations (e.g., 360-degree feedback). Performance management software helps organizations establish a performance standard across their teams and make sure that all employees are held to that standard.


Offboarding is an important part of talent management strategy because of the impact it can have on future talent acquisition and employer brand. Using your talent management software to carry out a streamlined and efficient offboarding process can help you to transition employees out of the company as smoothly as possible. Conduct exit interviews and ensure they return all company issued property.

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