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Integrate compensation management software into your HR platform and get management tools to set up processes to successfully execute company business plans. Create a link between performance and compensation that generates incentive plans to motivate employees and enhance organizational performance.

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Reward top performers with an intuitive compensation plan

Implement compensation plans and automatically adjust salary increases according to guidelines and budgets with compensation management software integrated into our HR platform. Manage variable data accurately and estimate specific job positions’ compensation using integrated salary data. Create tailored motivational compensation letters and include a performance incentive such as a salary increase or a bonus. Establish customized reports and compensation analyses to get a precise overview of your compensation administration. Compare employee salaries with the market salary range and keep your top talent by aligning salaries according to employee performance.

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Create a pay-for-performance culture

Build a pay structure based on performance with compensation plans that are directly connected to employee performance. Establish incentive pay and reward work efforts to increase engagement, foster employee motivation, and improve efficiency. Efficiently allocate compensation budgets to retain high-performing collaborators with our HR platform.


Rationalize compensation planning

Develop complete compensation programs to optimize budget and reduce manual processes with cloud-based compensation management software. The HR software increases your competitiveness by minimizeing administrative procedures, shortening compensation cycles, reducing costs, avoiding mistakes, and saving time. Simply by reducing repetitive manual processes, employee engagement will increase.


Get accurate data

Combine compensation management software in the PeopleSpheres platform with performance management software to ensure that employees are compensated with a paycheck that is aligned with their performance and corporate goals. The compensation and performance data provides managers with clear information to form strategic HR and make managerial decisions concerning employee compensation while respecting company-wide fairness, equality, and compliance.


Upgrade your HR management

Associate performance with your company goals and capacities to define a competitive compensation strategy, attracting and motivating the best talent on the market and on your team. Know your employee salaries and build comparative employee benefits plans. Access salary benchmark reports according to job positions, industry, and location.


Integrated compensation management software: advantages and benefits

Productivity for human resource management

  • More productive means time savings: Compensation software integrated into your HR ecosystem allows you to manage job offers, pay raises, bonus compensation, amongst others, in a more efficient and productive manner than having to do them manually in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Customized compensation process: Customize and make a compensation process to match the needs of your company across multiple locations or even countries.
  • Analyze compensation initiatives: Manage and break down your compensation plans to ensure optimized ROI. Simplify your compensation analysis with our mobile-friendly solution, which allows you to access the management of compensation anytime, anywhere, and by any team member with the right permissions.
  • Create a compensation policy: Align your compensation policy with the internal business objectives and the expectations of your current and future employees.

Simplified compensation management

  • Compensation research: Ensure that you are offering competitive and effective compensation plans using compensation research tools. Stay on top of compensation trends and always be in the know about what compensation and benefits the current market is offering for similar positions in your geographical location and industry.
  • Electronic and digital compensation management: If it’s right for your company, you may choose to provide electronic paystubs to your employees. You can manage payroll more efficiently with the HR technology offered on our customizable platform and implement change management as you move towards more digitized HR functions.
  • Adaptable compensation management: Easy-to-use compensation software can help you adapt to the compensation requirements of any type of employment contract whether it’s a full-time, part-time, independent contractor, union member, or summer intern. Compensation management is simplified and legal obligations are met when you have the right tools in your management system.
  • Planning your compensation initiatives: Plan your compensation practices over the long term by anticipating and even automating compensation change and salary increase. Ensure a streamlined and forward-looking compensation structure by leveraging intelligent compensation systems.
  • Creating dashboards and reports: To analyze the performance and effectiveness of your compensation initiatives, you can simply use analysis tools within the PeopleSpheres platform. Compare compensation data with employee retention rates, recruiting KPIs, profitability, and more.

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