Cross-Application Workflows

Carry out a series of automated actions

Without workflows

  • Archaic processes with repetitive data entry.
  • Some businesses do have HR software connected to each other; however, a huge part of the activity remains decentralized.
  • Absence of automated sequences between HR software.
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With workflows

  • Integrate workflows across your different departments and HR software.
  • Move your data between your HR apps and launch a series of automated tasks.
  • Complete tasks that require information from your various HR tools.

What's the gain?

  • The gradual elimination of manual processes
  • The gain in time and productivity
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Accelerate approval processes
  • Focus on more-added-value activities
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Time_saving - HR solution

Gain time

With automated workflows, improve efficiency by simplifying the delegation of tasks and treat employee requests approvals hastily.

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Action center

The collaborator receives everything he needs to know and do in one place. Notifications are sent on the platform and on the mobile application.

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HR documents

Turn paper-based processes into online processes. Complete paperwork and training with online forms.



Seamless collaboration with every department involved in task completion. Processes are then easier to administer and complete.

Core HR
Core HR
Core HR

Find out more advantages

Automate multi-step processes

Create and deliver a logical sequence of tasks that will cross between your HR modules. Alleviate unproductive paper chasing and start implementing efficient approval processes. Some similar information regarding an employee might be requested from your different HR tools. Automated workflows, a pre-programmed series of actions, will send the required documents to the right person, and once filled online, will deploy the completed form instantaneously to all the HR modules that had requested the same information.

Data entry & multi-level approvals

With PeopleSphere’s HR platform, your HR data and enterprise applications are centralized. Create low-code sequential approval processes. Assign recruits or employees to fill out forms directly online. Keep track and avoid as much as a possible delay. Once a recruit fills out required documents, requesters will automatically receive the document, and in few clicks, can approve or refuse any requests.

Keep an eye on the process

With digitalized workflows, HR professionals can stay on track which enables them to see the progression of the series of actions. The HR manager can verify if the task is done on time, ensure if approvals are completed correctly, and by whom. Automated workflows are conceived to make the task easier for admins or requesters to notice any mistakes in a particular action, allowing to rapidly bring any adjustments in the process.

Personal documentation

Implementing a workflow automation system will treat documents that need to be signed in a much faster way. Documents that are signed need to be stored properly in the Core HR. Such documents refer to offer letters, confidentiality agreements, etc. Whenever a document is signed by a recruit or actual employee, it will automatically be sent to the HR apps and stored. With automated workflows updating employee information is done instantaneously for a refreshed personnel documentation.


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Configurate notifications


Decide when and where notifications should be sent and to whom. Send reminders to your collaborator with an automated email of the approaching deadline for signing his/ her legal documents. Personalize your notifications according to whom you are addressing. You can select where you want this notification to appear. An employee can receive it by email or in his action notification center in the homepage portal. These automated notifications will be sent to the right person, at the right moment.

Improve employee user experience


Your employees are the end-users of your HR apps. Hence the necessity to provide them with intelligent tools that are here to simplify and guarantee operational effectiveness.  PeopleSpheres’s workflow processes are intended to be easy-to-use and intuitive to provide a performant user experience.    Indeed, applying cross-app workflows will provide a considerable change for your employee productivity. Whether it is during the onboarding period or off-boarding, workflows are conceived to ensure better communication and fluidity in the process of the task. Employees have different needs and are at different stages in the company. Therefore, tasks to deliver will vary based on the employee’s life cycle. With automated workflows, you can deliver a task to the right person at the right moment. Finally, employees can check and update their information, engaging them to quickly complete their tasks.

Customize access levels


Ensure that the right person is authorized to edit the workflow process. With PeopleSpheres’s process automation, you get to decide and control the number of users who can bring any modification into your workflows. Admins are notified when a specific workflow has been created, by whom, and any modifications that were made. They can maintain seamless coordination for smooth-running processes.


PeopleSphere's five workflows often demanded by its clients

Preboarding workflow

The pre-boarding process is a key element of successful recruitment. It requires the involvement of many departments within the company (HR department, accounting department, IT department). Unfortunately, many companies tend to ignore pre-boarding when it should be the first step in the employee life cycle. With an HRIS and pre-programmed automated workflows, the pre-boarding process can run smoothly. Forms and documents can be assigned quickly, IT is instantly informed of new equipment to be provided. The new hire receives his or her training program on time and completes his or her document requested.


Onboarding workflow

Successful businesses need successful onboarding processes since it feeds employee satisfaction and retention. Standardizing the onboarding process is a must as it ensures constant smoothness and reduces many risks of error. In most cases, onboarding programs are similar to each job position. Save the HR department from repetitive tasks. Automate and customize your onboarding processes based on the job position your offer.


Offboarding workflow

With an automated workflow system, offboarding, an event that usually takes weeks to complete, can occur with more fluidity, while respecting the suggested deadlines. Offboarding program involves many actions such as deactivating the collaborator’s portal account, returning equipment (headset, computer, badge…), and an exit interview. Leaving a good final impression is crucial for your employer brand, hence the necessity to provide a smooth offboarding program. Pre-programmed workflows make sure that every step required for an offboarding is done.

End of probationary period workflow

The end of the probationary period is a crucial moment where businesses can assess if they have made the right choice or not. The steps to follow are usually the same and similar for any employee. The HR executive schedules an interview, reviews the objectives that were assigned to the evaluated employee.

Time-off workflow

Creating an efficient time-off request workflow can save up significant time in the HR service. Indeed, paper-based processes for leave requests have proven to be extremely inefficient. With automated workflows, a collaborator can successfully ask for his/ or her time-off and get notified for approval. On the other hand, managers can quickly communicate back about the status of the requests. Therefore, HR workflows allow better communication between the collaborator and the manager in charge of approving.

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