Stay connected from anywhere with a mobile device

A mobile experience built to facilitate the success of your company

Empower the new workforce with mobile connectivity

Make virtually any business process a mobile process :

  • Make it easy for field employees to access on a mobile device all the business applications they need to do their job
  • The one thing you can do to improve the employee experience for mobile, remote and field employees
  • Tracking and managing all types of leave from a mobile device is an advantage for both employees and managers

Make Work-Life Easier

People are always on the move and rely on mobile technology in their daily lives to get things done. Enabling an engaging mobile experience at work can also make your employees, HR, and payroll departments’ lives easier.  



Access On-the-Go

You no longer need to wait to return to your desk to respond to important issues. Expanding visibility of your data to your mobile device allows you to take action on critical matters from anywhere as soon as they come up.  


Administrative Freedom

Mobile friendly capabilities empower employees to take their information into their own hands. Employees can review their timesheets, access the employee directory and track their goals and competencies all on their mobile phone.    

PeopleSpheres for modern HR

The PeopleSpheres solution was founded on prioritizing the needs of customers and empowering employees in the modern worldBut modern-day HR extends beyond the traditional 9-to-5 desk job. That is why we adapted our platform solution to be able to reach people wherever they are. Our simple and intuitive platform takes advantage of mobile technology to benefit everyone in the company from anywhere.

Managers and employers require the ability to quickly access information and complete tasks on the go. Executives need to be able to retrieve their key performance indicators in real-time to make the right strategic decisions. Employees want to work more efficiently and feel connected to the workplace when they need it. All of this is possible with PeopleSphere’s mobile-friendly experience.  

The power of an integrated system at your fingertips

Take your PeopleSpheres experience with you wherever you go. Your HR portal is available on any mobile browser as well as the PeopleSpheres mobile application. With an easy-to-use mobile interface, all employees are able to access their information and integrated tools at any time.

The mobile experience is designed to have the same look and feel as the desktop version of your PeopleSpheres platform. Because it is a cloud-based solution, your data is always in sync and in real-time. Any changes that are made in your platform are reflected on your mobile device as soon as they occur. All of this means that you can get the same experience no matter where you are accessing your HR portal from.

client-loyalty- integration platform as a service

Enjoy a painless time-off request process

Unexpected situations can come up and change your vacation plans without warning. A quick and convenient time-off request and approval process makes everyone’s lives easier. Requests can be made in a few simple steps and managers can be notified to approve them in a matter of seconds. It is also easy to track PTO balances right from your phone.  


Make HR requests at your own convenience

Instead of making calls to the HR or payroll department, employees can make HR requests right from the mobile application. They can request HR documents, change their bank account, emergency contact or other personal information in a few clicks. This allows both employees and HR administrators to take action at their own convenience.  

Deliver an engaging employee experience

Employeee communication is made easy with the PeopleSpheres mobile application. To foster a positive employee experience, your collaboration tools are one click away. You can get in touch with your team members with the employee directory. Employees are also able to read the latest company news, give feedback and complete surveys, or search current open job positions in the organization.  


You can download the PeopleSpheres mobile application from the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store. It is also possible to access your PeopleSpheres platform from a mobile web browser at any time.  


Don’t miss a beat thanks to full visibility to your critical workforce information  

With a mobile friendly platform, you are constantly connected to the answers you need. You can check your pending actions, access your HR modules, view any dashboard and read your company announcements all from one place. This level of visibility allows managers to make decisions and speeds up approval processes that can normally be slowed down by back and forth emails. Pulling up an Excel spreadsheet on your phone is not convenient for business managers. Visibility to all your important workforce data means that you are able to quickly reach the information you need. This helps managers and executives make well-informed business decisions to move their teams and company forward.

One of the main benefits of the PeopleSpheres solution is to centralize your data from disparate sources into a single platform. Attaining data visibility and being able to benefit from this functionality from anywhere is crucial.  Managers and supervisors can also get a better understanding of labor costs by having direct access to timesheets, overtime, attendance rates, and scheduling tools.


Employees and HR can access critical information needed to stay productive   

Whether you are working at a desk, on the go, or in the field, having direct access to your workforce information is critical to your productivity. Employees, HR administrators, and managers can all take instant actions and engage in collaboration on a mobile device. For example, managers can approve time-off requests or resolve staffing issues on their way to a meeting and employees can view their paystub while making their morning coffee. Not only does this access create an improved employee experience, but the convenience also allows you to better manage time and increase your productivity.   

If employees are still constantly making phone calls to HR for assistance and administrative requests, it’s time to provide them with an HR self-service and empower them to become self-sufficient. This way HR professionals can respond at their own convenience and save time otherwise spent answering phone calls. They are then more free to focus on more important HR matters and business needs.  


Keep teams connected and foster collaboration  

Some industries and professions demand employees to work in the field where they may not have access to computer at all times. This should not mean that they are disconnected from the company’s work life. Staying connected on a mobile device is made possible thanks to the PeopleSpheres mobile-friendly interface and mobile application. They can check their own information and make updates from anywhere. Company news and announcements are available to employees so that they are always kept informed. Employees can also access the suggestion box to post an idea and the employee directory to quickly get in touch with their team members and collaborate with them. Leverage the simplicity of mobile capabilities to drive success in your company.  


Take advantage of the fact that all your tools and HR software are in one place. There are numerous actions you can take right from your smart phone. Access the tools that allow you to communicate with employees, keep track of your pending actions, delegate tasks when you’re out of the office, or access your own or a team member’s work hours.

If you integrate a time and attendance system into your platform, you can simplify employee scheduling and workforce management. Managers can approve employee hours and check employee schedules to plan paid time off.  You can even allow employees to use a time tracking tool for clocking in and out from their mobile phones if they cannot access a physical time clock.

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What they say about us

bec groupe témoignage - logiciel planning
Emilie PELLET Commercial Development Manager - 97 employees

“The HR Portal tool made it much easier for our employees to take time off and facilitated the life of the HR department in general. We are an engineering company and the software allows our employees to have personalized remote access, from the customer site, to their leave account, and we avoid keeping tedious tables. In real time, each employee can consult his rights and gain autonomy in the management of his leave. Customer service is very responsive when we need help. The feedback from our employees has been very positive. This gives a modern image of our company that offers a suitable and intuitive tool for managing absences.”

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