A single promise: Technology at the service of your people

Freedom, Simplicity, Flexibility

  • We work with our customers to create the HR platform that meets even the most complex needs.
  • We want to create a strong product that is as easy to use for HR as it is for employees.
  • We make a point of enhancing the value of essential jobs, at the service of people.
  • We push technology to serve people, not the other way around.
A propos de nous - PeopleSpheres - Innovation

Solution Orientation

We care about creating a better future for our customers. We strive to find the best solution possible according to each individual requirement. Therefore, we can offer a customized solution that will guarantee customer satisfaction.


Customer Orientation

We accompany our clients on a journey towards growth and success. By listening to our clients, we can make their needs and wants our priority and place customer satisfaction at the core of our business decisions. Our solution was designed to cater to the needs of our  clients whatever they may be and as they grow and evolve.



We encourage personal development and enrichment by giving employees responsibility and autonomy in their roles. We invest in creating an environment where each employee is empowered to put forth their best work and be valued for their unique abilities.



There are no barriers when seeking the best solution: cross-functional participation ensures that employees help each other out when needed. Not only do we encourage our employees to be involved in the company’s future, we invite our customers to provide their input as well.

Our Team

Amazing people work at PeopleSpheres, we empower our teams to grow

alexandre diard
Alexandre Diard
CMO & Co-founder

“Our purpose is making sure that each time we are building an offer, that it meets your needs and brings HR closer to employees.”

françois avédian
François Avédian
Chief of Operations & Co-founder

“Our goal is to orchestrate and support your HR so that you can focus more on people.”

christophe masson
Christophe Masson
Customer Success Director

“We care about making sure that your digitalization project is a strategic performance driver for your company.”

sales connector
Nicolas Pingnelain
Sales Director EMEA

“We support you in building the best tools to manage your human ressources.”

fabien gache
Fabien Gache

“Implementing the best technologies to make our vision a reality for our customers is our priority.”

pierre-christoph lagemann
Pierre-Christoph Lagemann
Strategic Alliances Director

“We strive to build an ecosystem of relevant and efficient software partners for our customers.”

christophe demarle
Christophe Demarre
Administrative and Financial Director

“We guarantee our clients the financial sustainability of PeopleSpheres to ensure their satisfaction.”

sophie brault
Sophie Brault
Chief People Officer

“Our focus is allowing our employees to be in the best conditions possible in order to best support our customers.”

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