Integration platform for stronger employee engagement

Access all your software through one unique integration platform and increase employee engagement

Empower your employees with a user-centric experience

Upgrading your HR software to an integration platform will change your HR life



Integration platform

Connect your various HR software to a unique platform that provides you with both a Core HR and a wonderful employee experience for stronger employee engagement.


Employee engagement

Give your employees the freedom to navigate through a centralized platform and connect with your HR at will to boost their employee engagement.

Be closer to your employees with our integration platform

Watch employee engagement soar

One-Stop Shop Employee Portal

Unify all your software in one single integration platform that not only increases employee engagement but on a practical note, it also stores employees’ data safely and gives you access to all employees’ personal data in one click, such as salary, bank account details, positions held, diplomas, bonuses… Data is automatically updated from all your connected software so you can save time and avoid data mistakes. You can manage your own corporate directory and find employees easily by skills or other specific criteria.

Unique and Unified User Profile

Whether you are an HR professional, manager or employee, connect to your own profile and customize it as you want thanks to various widgets in the Core HR (appointments calendar, internal events, to-do list, new training courses…). Consult and modify your data at any time, make your requests (leaves, expenses, HR requests…), and check your team availability status from this same dashboard.

Notification and Action Center

Accept or reject employees’ requests from you own page within the Core HR and send automatic notifications to employees regarding their future events. Receive a weekly notification digest e-mail and reduce e-mail inbox pollution.

Employee Engagement Platform

Thanks to the integration platform, the Core HR lets you promote collective intelligence and increases employee engagement thanks to the ideas box accessible from the user profile. Through this platform you can conduct surveys (well-being etc.), and give staff access to employee services (loans etc.), and on demand content.

Universal Forms

Employee engagement is important for your business. Find out via the Core HR how your employees are feeling by creating a multitude of pop-up forms with regard to onboarding, a simple salary review, a simple performance review and employee self-service. You can manage all fields from the admin platform.

Curated Marketplace

Pick up from the market place our partner tools (Cornerstone OnDemand, Enquiron, Finfit, CSOD, Cegos, Speexx, SyncStream, BenefitElect, etc.) to complete your Core HR or to simply connect yours.

Advanced Processing Tools

Generate documents (contracts, riders…) automatically from employees’ data and sign them electronically so you can save time in your HR management. Facilitate your HR indicators analysis by extracting and archiving all your system data quickly thanks to the Core HR reporting center.

Your Core HR hub

Made to reduce HR workload and improve employee life


Easy to use

PeopleSpheres interface is easy to use for anyone from any device.


Save time

Reduce Time by accessing everything you need on your fingertips.


Best practices

Get the best HR practices and always be in compliance with the law.

stray-informed-integration platform employee engagement

Stay informed

Get immediate centralized notifications to complete administrative tasks faster.

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retain talent-integration platform employee engagement

Retain talent

Implement the best HR strategy to maximize talent retention.

optimize-performance-integration platform employee engagement

Optimize performance

Focus on your core business and improve your HR performance.

secure-data-integration platform employee engagement

Secure data

Be fully GDPR compliant and keep critical business data safe with secured data backup.

exployee-experience-integration platform employee engagement

Employee experience

Make employees’ life easier by giving them a good employee experience.

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They are happy

What our customers say about our integration platform

itelios- integration platform employee engagement

“The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier.”


“The quality of the software and its complementarity with its integrated partner services such as Legislative Editions or Assessfirst represents a real added value for my company. For me, data security was fundamental and all the certifications of PeopleSpheres meet my requirements perfectly.”

agesys- integration platform employee engagement

“PeopleSpheres was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt, and that makes everyday life much easier. Our company runs much more smoothly and efficiently.”

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