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How does PeopleSpheres work?

Your one-stop-shop for fully-integrated HR tools

Understanding your Needs

Invite us to the decision table. We’ll take time to understand your scope and prepare a custom demo, so you can see your future platform in action.

Make your choice

You don’t have to do it alone. Leverage our industry expertise to choose among vetted HR solutions on the Store.

We handle it all

Don’t worry about managing pesky integrations. We take a comprehensive approach in managing all the implementation, maintenance, training, customer support, invoicing, etc.

Unified platform

Watch as your day-to-day starts to get easier. Manage all your HR operations and data on a single platform and enjoy a seamless user experience.

Scale up or down

Unlike traditional HRIS, you’re not locked-in with a vendor. Feel free to adapt your ecosystem as you evolve, staying at the forefront of HR innovation.

More than 300 organizations already matched with 2,000+ HR tools

With nearly 10,000 HR software on the market, how do you know which tools were built for an organization like yours? Leverage PeopleSpheres expertise to find the right solution for you.

Tell us exactly what you need. We’re listening.

Why choose PeopleSpheres over other solutions?

All-in-One icon All-in-One

Seamless integration

Limited to the platform's own suite of HR functions

Flexible customization

Restricted to the parameters of the platform / expensive custom development

Reduced complexity

Lower complexity with one vendor but may not meet all specific needs

Centralized data management

Unified in one platform but may not offer the best tool for each function


Potentially higher for all-inclusive services

Easily scales

Scalable within its ecosystem, but switching costs are high

Ideal for

Organizations with simple HR policies who need a system to manage employee data

Best Of Breed icon Best-of-Breed

Seamless integration

Complex integration required among selected solutions

Flexible customization

High customization by selecting specialized tools

Reduced complexity

Highly complex due to managing and integrating multiple vendors

Centralized data management

Risk of data silos and integration challenges


Costs can add up with multiple solutions; integration costs vary

Easily scales

Flexible scalability but requires continuous integration efforts

Ideal for

Organizations with a strong IT team that prioritizes control and customization over their own ecosystem

PeopleSpheres icon PeopleSpheres

Seamless integration

Seamless integration makes it simple to connect your choice of best-of-breed solutions and operate them
on a single platform

Flexible customization

Flexibility of a best-of-breed strategy with the added advantage of centralizing customization through one platform

Reduced complexity

Reduces complexity associated with multiple vendors by centralizing all configuration, support, invoicing, etc.

Centralized data management

Centralized data management eliminates data silos and provides comprehensive analytics across all HR functions


Cost-efficiency by leveraging existing investments in specialized solutions while avoiding expensive replacements

Easily scales

Easily scales with pre-built connectors to swap out or upgrade specific functions without impacting or replacing the rest of the HR system

Ideal for

Companies that prioritize flexibility of having the best available tool for each HR function but want to simplify integration and data management

How Vitamine T went from chaos to clarity 40 HR systems in 1 unified platform

With six different payroll systems, 4,500 employees, 28 entities, and 15 collective
bargaining agreements, Vitamine T was in a real-life Tetris puzzle that prevented its teams from fully devoting themselves to their employees as they place them in new jobs.

Discover how Vitamine T was able to successfully “decode” their organization with PeopleSpheres.

Gone are the days of vendor lock-in. Adapt as quickly and often as you need

PeopleSpheres frees you from restrictive vendor agreements. You can easily switch or add any tool as your business grows and evolves.

Start using top-quality solutions in days, not months.

The numbers speak for themselves

PeopleSpheres, the first composable application for HR

200 k +


300 +


94 %

customer satisfaction

70 +

partners in The Store

Ready to get started?

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