HR self-service: empower your employees

Give your employees access to your company's HR tools via a personal account. Invite them to view and edit their HR data

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Empower your employees

Allow them to portion a large unit of their data such as personal information, time off & leave requests, expense reports, timesheets, pay stubs, etc. Trust your employees. Enable them to check and change their data. Note that the human resources department will be notified of any of these changes.  


Updated HR data

Instant update of personal information. The HR self-service’s main intention is to offer certain flexibility by authorizing employees to update their information. A great way to keep your data accurate and updated. Once a change has been made, the new information is automatically refreshed and dispatched in your various HR tools.  

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Control access rights

HR professionals can create their documents or import existing ones into the HR platform. Once created or uploaded, the HR manager can assign to individuals, departments, or a specific team. It is up to the HR department to decide whether a collaborator will be allowed or not to upload, view, or edit any document online. 

Gaining time

Alleviate the workload of HR managers, reduce personnel management processes. Improve the services provided by your human resources department. No need for HR professionals to update addresses or job titles, leave this task to your employees. Employees no longer have to wait for someone to search and provide them with the copies they need. The HR self-service system allows companies to circulate information quickly to the entire workforce. Any documents such as the company’s policies, new announcements, compensation, the IT charter, etc.  

Refocus on more added-value activities 

HR managers face dual performance constraints: managing routine and repetitive administrative tasks such as personnel administration, absence management, or expense reports, while at the same time providing skills and career management, training, HR reporting, and social audits. We know how precious time is. The HR Self-Service feature allows HR services to switch their efforts to main problems and make employees accountable to fill in their information independently. As a result, administrative tasks are alleviated. HR can finally focus on recruitment, conflict management, and training.

Keep transparency and avoid errors  

Offering an HR self-service system to your employees is a real asset. It drastically diminishes the risk of errors and duplicated data. In addition, record keeping accuracy is improved. PeopleSpheres promotes collective intelligence. Setting a successful employee self-service portal can also benefit GDPR best practices since data entry is proven to be conducted seamlessly. 



Company-related documents

Do you need help finding a particular document? Are you fed up from having to ask someone who will then ask another person? HR self-service system solves this issue. One source for all company information, such as handbooks, policies, and announcements, cutting down on confusion and miscommunication. An employee self-service system will greatly improve the onboarding process, by making all the necessary documents available to read and to complete.  


  Thriving workforce management 

Thanks to PeopleSpheres’s centralized platform, an HR manager can immediately see if any personal information is missing from an employee’s profile. The purpose of an HR self-service system is to conduct successful employee management. Thanks to a well-designed UX and UI, PeopleSpheres’s platform is perceived by HR professionals to be intuitive and easy-to-use in order to perform tasks and research effectively.   

 24/7 access 

Self-service is a way to meet the need for instantaneity and mobility. Digitizing HR processes have now made it possible for any employee to access their app remotely. With PeopleSpheres’s HRIS, provide your employees instant access to their portal anytime, anywhere, and whether it is on a computer or mobile.  

  • A collaborator who goes on a professional trip and realizes that he forgot to fill in a form requested by the HR department, can easily login into his employee portal, and complete it.  
  • An employee is planning a vacation at home does not need to wait until Monday at the office to see their available PTO balance, they can directly check online and request time-off via the portal.  

Enter your data safely  

PeopleSpheres provides a highly secure HRIS PaaS solution. Since we’re able to connect all the HR software of our clients, we can rigorously control the level of access. Thus, always ensuring a secure system. Our solution is 100% GDPR compliant. More than 250 companies trust our platform! PeopleSpheres digitally stores all your documents and centralizes your data in a single and easy-to-access platform. 

Simplify employee onboarding 

New employee orientation is crucial for a first good impression. Hence the necessity to offer a strong user experience to your recruits by providing them with all the digital support they need.  PeopleSpheres’s platform can put forward all company-related documents in one place. Consequently, the new hire will rapidly be able to familiarize himself/ herself with the company’s values, policies, and objectives.   

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Valérie THIESSET Human Resources Manager - 51 employees

“PeopleSpheres was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt, and that makes everyday life much easier. Our company runs much more smoothly and efficiently.”

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