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The PeopleSpheres Solution

PeopleSpheres’ Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is an employee experience platform that connects various HR software. This connectivity allows the employee to navigate between the different tools in a few clicks. As a modular platform, PeopleSpheres invites the company to connect the software of its choice. PeopleSpheres can be connected with any HR software. A business can add as much software and users as they need:

  • Administrative management: Leave & Absences, Planning, Payroll management, etc.
  • Talent management: Onboarding, Employee Development, Succession Planning, Recruitment, etc.

Every company, small or large, has an interest in adopting an HRIS within their organization. Whether you are an employee, an HR executive, or a manager you will reap the benefits of such a tool.

The PeopleSpheres solution responds to the digitalization of human resources activities, imposing new challenges for HR management and HR policy in all industries. The digitalization of human resources services has now become a crucial corporate strategy. Each company must therefore take this into account in its human resources policies. Our software allows you to manage the development of human resources to gain productivity and HR performance.

Why PeopleSpheres?

As HR management is at the heart of the digital transformation, the human resource function needs to adapt to new market trends. To this end, PeopleSpheres has developed its employee experience platform that enables better management of human resources and payroll. Our HRIS is a real steering and productivity improvement tool for the HR function. The HR department, managers, and employees all benefit from it.

Our tool provides an HR core that puts the employee at the heart of the human resources strategy by centralizing all company-related data in one place: employee information, HR process standardization, training plan, etc. Our software allows you to save time and focus on the development of human capital.

Our solution allows you to optimize human resources management as a whole (workforce management, career management, skills management, time management, etc.). In addition, our employee experience platform improves the company’s employer brand by promoting social dialogue and employee well-being.

Our HRIS facilitates the management of personnel administration and allows you to make the best decisions with the help of HR dashboards.

Our HR tools support the quality of life at work and the culture within your company:

  • Implement a training program to improve the development of your employees’ skills and internal mobility.
  • Encourage internal communication by strengthening and humanizing the connection between executives and employees.

Advantages of PeopleSpheres Platform

  • Financial gain: reduced administrative management of personnel, cheaper and more efficient recruitment process…
  • Modular tool: adapted to your internal human resources needs.
  • Beneficial tool for any team member within the company: HR managers, employees, HR directors, payroll managers, HR assistants, training specialists, etc.
  • Productivity improvement tool: optimization of time-consuming tasks, analysis of internal performance, the proposal of training programs adapted to each employee…

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