A powerful HR reporting tool to drive your business

Make the best HR decisions with a powerful HR dashboard.

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View your data quickly and in real time

Whether geographical, digital, textual, structured, or not, you can view your data in real-time in graphs from a fully customizable HR dashboard


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Synchronize your data and get relevant HR indicators

Consolidate the data contained in your various HR software to create meaningful HR graphs and indicators. Discover unexpected connections and analyze them from your HR dashboard to make the best decisions

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Query, link and access your data quickly

Query your data from your HR portal. Your query results appear instantly to help you analyze the trends

A global view of your situation from your HR dashboard

With a 100% customizable dynamic dashboard, select the right HR metrics based on your business objectives. Pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, stacked charts… all forms of graphs and charts are possible to bring your data to life and make analyzing it easier.

Obtain a global and visual overview for a clear insight into your business’s health. Pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses and identify the sources that led to a decline in your performance. Better visualization allows for better interpretation for wiser initiatives. Do you want to share your HR dashboard? Assign direct access, share a secure link, or export it to CSV and send it via e-mail.

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An HR dashboard that reveals your company’s secrets

Aren’t you curious to know why your absenteeism or turnover rate is increasing? Are you noticing improvements in labor effectiveness? Are the training programs you offer worth it? With an HR dashboard that combines all your data from your various software, human resources executives can identify the numerous factors that led to such variation. Based on their investigation, they will be able to define their future fields of action, select the indicators they want to watch closely, and create a dashboard to monitor their evolution.

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A search engine for all your answers

PeopleSpheres is your single database. You can query it, ask it all kinds of questions and aggregate data. The results you obtain allow you to get more precise answers and create new indicators that you can add to the HR dashboard. PeopleSpheres is very fast and instantaneous, and guarantees the security of your data, prevents failures and respects the principles of the GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

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Better collaboration between HR director and CFO

Even though HR and finance are separate departments, people analytics is also of interest to the CFO. A solid understanding of the financial aspect in HR such as costs related to recruitment, losses due to high turnover, high training costs, poor compensation management is crucial.  There are many elements that the CFO must take into account in order to maintain the financial health of the HR department. With such HR reportings, the CFO is able to handle HR data easily. The CFO can cross-reference the indicators that interest him or her in order to benefit from complex analysis to address the financial issues that HR generates.

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Talent assessment

Track and predict team effectiveness for efficient employee management. With customizable HR dashboards, detect easily where the issue is and where effort is needed. The manager can evaluate his team’s key indicators on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Such action will enable better preparation and leading positive actions for the team’s success.

Better employee engagement

The interpretation of HR indicators isn’t just necessary for managers and HR professionals, it is also of great use for employees. Your business must build clear objectives for all employees. Setting specific goals between each department and individually has its benefits. Creating positive challenges with common targets pushes employees to evolve and work at their full potential. Relying on KPIs will enable them to notice where they need to concentrate their efforts and realign with the business’s objectives.

Automated alerts

A solution for HR executives to stay on track

It’s not always easy to remember everything when you are overwhelmed with work. As an HR professional, you have to take care of many employees from different departments. HR dashboards are the solution and a great way to stay on track. It will send you reminders for employee overtime, approvals, event dues dates, etc.

A solution for Managers and employees to stay on track

Employees and other collaborators also can establish alerts. Automated alerts will help employee development and employee performance. Employees get notified when their objectives have not been met, a signal to show that they need to step up their game. As for managers, receiving alerts helps them better manage their staffing. For example, a specific notification will inform them that one of their employees has not yet reached his/her goal.

Accurate budgeting

Each indicator has a financial impact on a project, hence the necessity to do a regularly monitor your performance indicators. With your customizable HR Dashboard, you’ll be able to rapidly detect indicators that are at the threshold of generating additional costs for the company, which may lead to a net loss. On the contrary, you will also be able to highlight the successful indicators, since it is also essential to recognize what works well and what doesn’t.

Justify your human capital investment

Justifying human capital investment has become much easier, thanks to an HR dashboard that can collect any statistics from your different HR software. For instance, by analyzing the training effectiveness index and employee productivity index, a business can see whether spending on training has paid off and if it was able to create positive improvements.

Select reliable data

The company must be able to collect precise and reliable data about a particular metric. By grouping different KPIs, the company can make decisions more quickly by justifying the decision with statistics.

Depending on the size of your company, activity, or processes, it is possible to set up thousands of HR KPIs.

By choosing relevant KPIs, setting objectives over given periods (daily, monthly, quarterly, annually), and following the company’s HR policies, your HR department will reach constant productivity. Moreover, the profitability of the actions implemented will be more certain.

Efficient HR department

This highly effective management tool provides the HR function with relevant indicators:

Risk indicators: work accident rate, severity of accident, etc.
Mobility indicators: entry rate, exit rate, replacement rate, turnover.
Integration indicators: departure, extension of internship.
Social indicators: type of contract, rate of permanent and fixed-term contracts within the company.
Demographic indicators: average age, age pyramid, seniority.
Compensation indicators: payroll, overtime, median salary.

With such a wide range of indicators, the reporting tools guide the human resources manager in his or her decisions and enable a real optimization of the workforce management.

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