Access and report on data from any HR tool. With one log in.

Assemble your unified database from 100+ pre-built connectors

data unification

A unified and dependable database that grows with you

With PeopleSpheres, data from all your connected HR systems are synced in real-time to a centralized database. Introduce new HR tools at your own pace knowing you’ll always have a complete data set.

One employee profile. Effortless fact-finding.

Pinpoint any employee information you need on a unified employee profile within PeopleSpheres.

Role-based permissions let you customize the view so that data stays 100% relevant and secure.

Stress-free and flexible HR reporting

Stop loading data from multiple sources into frankenstein spreadsheets.

We put all your employee data in one place for you, so you can generate reports and dashboards at the speed your business demands.

More HR systems ≠ more administration. PeopleSpheres handles it all for you.

We’ve created a strong partner network that allows us to become your one-stop-shop for everything including customer support, implementation, and invoicing.

You choose the tools that best meet your needs. And we do the rest.

Data-driven businesses get ahead with PeopleSpheres

Image Fabrice Denoual IT Director, Vitamine T Group Peoplespheres
Fabrice Denoual IT Director, Vitamine T Group, 4500 employees

“We are able to create a dashboard constructed with economic and social databases… which we had difficulty constructing before and can successfully do very easily now because we have this central database at the heart of our information systems.”


Jenna Pignerol HR Director, Provalliance Group, 3000 employees

“The data is obviously not an end goal, but it is a way to bring performance, quality, and serenity to teams. Until recently, most of our tools were managed by fax and email, and a little with Excel files, so you can imagine the limitations.”

PeopleSpheres has been named on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Cloud HR as a Potential Challenger for being a forerunner in the market and offering an innovative solution.

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