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Innovating continuously

Innovation is the very essence of our business. Thanks to it, we offer a unique solution on the market, adapted to each client’s needs.

This dynamic of innovation is reflected in our operations and methods. At every moment, we want to be able to question the relevance of our practices and improve them.

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Being kind to each other

Benevolence, solidarity and team spirit are at the heart of our human connections and allow us to face our challenges, overcome difficulties, facilitate innovation and boost performance.

In this spirit, we are committed to fostering teamwork, ensuring the well-being of our employees and the quality of our relationships with each other, as well as with our customers and partners.

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Acting for a global performance

Our teams are striving for the best results to contribute to our global performance:

technical, thanks to our professionalism and expertise which allow us to provide quality interventions at the right price and to obtain the trust of our customers and partners,

economic, by seeking to ensure the sustainability of the company,

human, through our willingness to include everyone.

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Making commitments and living up to them

With our creativity unleashed and multiplied tenfold by our values of innovation, performance and solidarity, we are, individually and collectively, committed to our mission.

From our first exchanges to the deployment of our products and services, we are always at the side of our clients, partners and employees.

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Communicating authentically

Each of our missions is a collaboration carried out in confidence with our customers. Step by step, we commit ourselves to work and exchange in all authenticity and with benevolence.

Together, we address the various issues that require answers and solutions.

Authenticity is the pillar of our client engagement and our internal exchanges.

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Our commitments

designed for our people, by our people


Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our HR policies

With more than 12 nationalities represented in our teams, and a gradual increase in the percentage of women (who currently represent 36% of the workforce), the company promotes the representation of diversity in all its differences and richness, cultural, ethnic and social components within the workforce and at all levels of responsibility.


A real consideration of social and ecological challenges

Ecological and social commitment has always been part of the PeopleSpheres culture. We have always encouraged collective and individual actions and taken initiatives for the sustainability of our activities and the well-being of our employees. In 2022, we are taking the next step by putting in place a corporate social responsibility policy with specific commitments and codes that we will communicate publicly.

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Natalie Hanna joined PeopleSpheres
Natalie Hanna Marketing and Communication Intern

“My internship at PeopleSpheres was a very rewarding experience. I was warmly welcomed as part of the team from day-one and got to be a part of a rapidly growing company, which has allowed to learn and grow in my professional career.”

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