Every HR interaction is made effortless with a unified user experience

Don’t lose your people in all the tech. The key to unlocking productivity and ensuring a smooth user experience lies in connectivity. PeopleSpheres is at the forefront of this approach, offering a comprehensive Store of tools that work together in harmony on one seamless platform.

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HR tasks are more accessible, visible, and responsive than ever before

Reduce administrative burden and free up more time for strategic HR initiatives. PeopleSpheres enhances reactivity by aggregating various HR tasks from all your connected tools — from onboarding new hires to managing leave requests — on one single platform.

Deliver personalized experiences

Just like you can choose the software that suit your business needs, you can also tailor the user experience to match employee needs.

Use flexible configuration settings to provide each employee with the tools and communication most suited for their role.

Empower employees to manage their own data and engage with HR processes

With PeopleSpheres, employees gain immediate access to update personal information, explore benefits options, request time off, and tap into a wealth of training resources all in one place.

This streamlined access not only fosters autonomy but also engages your workforce by putting the power of HR management directly in their hands.

Employees can manage a wide range of tasks independently

Examples of what you can do with employee self-service in PeopleSpheres

Update personal information

Through the platform’s self-service portal, employees can log in securely from any device, navigate to their profile, and make necessary changes to their contact details, emergency contacts, banking information for payroll, and more. This direct access eliminates the need for HR intervention for basic updates, empowering employees with control over their personal data.

When an update is made in PeopleSpheres, the data in all your HR tools will be automatically updated as well. This makes it easy to ensure employee records are always accurate and up-to-date across all functions.

Access and submit documents

Employees can access documents shared by HR or management, such as policies, handbooks, or training materials. This centralized repository makes it easy to find and refer to important company documents.

They can also download and upload HR-related documents, such as expense reports, proof of identity, and qualifications or certifications.

Submit time-off request

PeopleSpheres enhances the user experience with an intuitive self-service portal that streamlines the process of submitting time off requests. Here’s how it works:

  1. SSO: Employees access their leave management tool quickly and securely
  2. Request Submission: Employees can quickly submit requests for vacation, sick leave, or other types of time off by selecting the dates and the type of leave they are requesting. They can also add notes or attachments if needed, providing context for their request.
  3. Instant Notification: Once a request is submitted, automatic notifications are sent to their manager or the HR department for approval, speeding up the process.
  4. Real-Time Updates: Employees can track the status of their requests in real-time, receiving updates when their request is approved, pending, or needs adjustment.
  5. Leave Balance Visibility: The platform provides visibility into the employee’s remaining leave balance, helping them plan their time off more effectively.

Payroll and compensation

Employees have a single point of access for all payroll-related information, including pay stubs, payment history, tax forms, and direct deposit settings. This centralization eliminates the need to navigate through multiple systems or platforms, simplifying the process.

By allowing employees to manage their direct deposit settings and access important tax forms themselves, PeopleSpheres empowers employees with control over their financial data. This autonomy reduces the administrative burden on HR departments, freeing them up to focus on strategic tasks.

Learning and development

By consolidating training courses, educational resources, and progress tracking into one platform, PeopleSpheres removes the fragmentation often found in learning and development. Employees no longer need to juggle multiple systems or platforms to manage their professional growth.

PeopleSpheres allows for the creation of personalized learning paths tailored to the unique career aspirations and skill gaps of each employee. This personalization ensures that employees engage with relevant and impactful content that directly contributes to their professional development.

The seamless integration with performance management tools means that learning and development activities are directly aligned with performance goals and evaluations. This alignment ensures that training efforts are clearly linked to business outcomes and individual career progression.

Performance management

PeopleSpheres simplifies the administrative aspects of performance reviews. Employees can view performance reviews, set and track goals, and receive feedback from supervisors.

Automated reminders, easy-to-use forms, and streamlined workflows reduce the time spent on paperwork, allowing more focus on meaningful conversations and development planning. PeopleSpheres gives employees and managers a holistic view of performance reviews, goals, and feedback in one place. This unified view eliminates the need to switch between different systems or documents, streamlining the performance management process.

Intrasipa Group creates a common space for more than 350 brands and 6 legal entities

After accumulating multiple HR tools throughout the years, things got so complicated that employees often bypassed the system altogether, going straight to HR staff with their questions. At the same time, there was a strong desire among employees to feel connected to each other and to the company as a whole.

Discover how Intrasipa found a flexible and personalized solution with PeopleSpheres.

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