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Dedicate a space for your employees to be heard and empowered.

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Gain Actionable Insights About Employees

Thanks to our integrated feedback and survey tools, it has never been easier to access real-time insights about your employees. This way you can make a positive impact when and where it matters the most.  

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Build a Winning Corporate Culture

With the ability to collect continuous and timely feedback, you can stimulate engagement and boost employee satisfaction. Engagement is made possible for all employees whether they are working remotely or on-site.  

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Measure the Health of your Organization

Administer quick and customizable surveys to keep a pulse on your workplace morale. From there you can take the steps needed to achieve optimal employee productivity and retain top talent.  

Take your People Analytics to the Next Level

To transform the information you collect from employees into actionable insights, you can rely on connected data analytics. Analytics will undoubtedly play a big role in helping you better understand your people. Fortunately, PeopleSpheres centralizes your HR data all on one platform which allows you to:  

  • Analyze and benchmark survey results against other data points such as performance reviews, attendance, and turnover.  
  • Align your company culture with organizational goals and objectives to turn HR into a strategic business partner.  
  • Identify important trends by looking at data you’ve collected over a period of time.  
  • Filter and drill down on results based on location, department, or job role to get more meaningful insights instantly 

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For HR

Employers want to know how their employees feel about their job and the company. Feedback surveys are a common and effective way to measure these feelings and turn them into strategic human resources decisions. Having access to a digital tool also makes it easier to receive real-time valuable feedback on an ongoing basis such as employees’ satisfaction with their work-life or after certain events such as completing their onboarding process or attending a training seminar. Having employees provide both positive feedback as well as constructive feedback not only helps to foster a stronger culture, it plays a role in improving the quality of work life.

One of the main strengths of the feedback and survey solution is how effortless it is to achieve transparency. Instead of introducing a new tool or software to collect employee feedback, PeopleSpheres lets you take advantage of a unified solution. Being able to access all the information you need in one place means that you don’t need to sacrifice productivity for visibility.

Mitigate the risk that comes from having disengaged employees. Simply by providing the right tools, you can watch the level of engagement soar in your organization. Being able to measure employee engagement is an added value of the tool that lets you act on insights and develop action plans. Having the right feedback can mean better absenteeism, employee turnover, retention, and even productivity levels.

For Employees

Being an engaged employee means being involved, committed and passionate about your workplace. Giving employees a platform to have their voice heard can increase employee engagement levels in your organization. This platform can even empower them to provide feedback and make their employer aware when their needs are or aren’t being met. An employee can let their employer know if they are not equipped with the basic needs to do their job or if an employee desires more personal growth opportunities, for example.

Not everyone is willing to approach their bosses face-to-face about a certain topics, especially when they are looking to give negative feedback or criticism. Our solution helps organizations bridge the gap between management teams and their people by giving them a safe space for their voice to be heard and to feel valued. Whether through it’s through an employee engagement survey or suggestion box, this tool gives employees a chance to voice their thoughts and feel engaged at work.

For Managers

The feedback and survey solution is developed to help managers know what is going on with their people. Many managers want to understand what will help their employees flourish and how to motivate them for engagement in the work environment. But it’s not just about making employees feel happy. Employee engagement can have a direct impact on both the individual and organizational performance. In other words, highly engaged employees can drive important key performance outcomes such as employee retention, productivity and quality of products and services.

Having an accessible and easy to use feedback mechanism in place will allow managers to stay actively connected with their teams. Receiving feedback can also provide a roadmap for them to develop and respond to the needs of their team members. This can include being aware of challenges they face in order to work to remove obstacles or even act on ideas for improvement suggested by another team member.

For Customers

Your employees are a very powerful source of information. They are on the front line interacting with your customers on a daily basis. That means they are well informed about what customers are saying about your product or service and what their pain points are. Being able to dynamically collect actionable feedback that they have gathered from these interactions can help you achieve increased customer satisfaction and customer experience.

What they say about us

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Céline LETERME HR Manager - 70 employees

“PeopleSpheres is an SaaS tool that is very easy to install. It is a real added value for the company, it saves time for the HR teams, and facilitates exchanges with the Managers thanks to the workflow system.”

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