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Create a company culture that places employee job satisfaction at its core. By integrating software that supports a positive work environment and happy employees, you get the right tools to measure the well-being of your employees and promote employee engagement in the workplace. Improve your employee performance by creating a workplace environment that prioritizes a fulfilling work life for all employees.

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Empower and retain your employees

Listen to your employees with a survey tool that gives you insights into employee satisfaction and their daily mood. Create a work culture where employees have a voice of power. Monitor dissatisfaction to prevent departures and improve your employee turnover rate with data from a satisfaction survey.

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Involve your employees in corporate life

Keep employees happy and motivate them by providing all workers with a suggestion box that enables them to get involved in the day-to-day company life and introduce projects that will improve the quality of working life and the employer brand.

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Make your employees' everyday life easier

Simplify administrative processes with an HR Chat tool that formalizes and streamlines requests. You receive HR requests from your employees from a messenger service to speed up processing and avoid time-consuming round trips to go and see them, thus improving well-being at work.

A QWL assessment tool for your company

With the PeopleSpheres HR portal, you benefit from a survey tool that allows you to get a real insight into your organizational behavior. Discover the feelings of your employees and measure their commitment in real time. The employee surveys allow you to measure their mood on a daily basis, ask for their opinion on yesterday’s team-building activity, and more… It is quick and easy to use, and you can seamlessly retrieve the results of the survey questions on a simple or detailed dashboard. The quality of work life tool allows you to implement an HR strategy where a positive and motivating working environment is at the core. With the integrated QWL software, you can anticipate disengagement and encourage commitment.


Improve commitment and talent retention

Allow employees to express themselves freely and offer ideas for improving the quality of work life directly in the suggestion box. The feature allows you to get valuable and constructive employee feedback and identify the areas of commitment on which to focus your efforts. The solution allows you to involve your employees in company life, which will boost their work engagement, maximize talent retention, and enhance your employer brand.

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Simplify your administrative processes

Quality of working life is also for HR. PeopleSpheres makes it easy to improve the well-being of all employees, as well as your own. Do you receive recurring requests for all kinds of documents? Set up forms in just a few clicks and make them available to employees directly in their chat room. You are notified as soon as you receive a request and can complete them at your own pace. This way, you can focus on your most important tasks without being regularly disturbed, and follow the history of each person’s requests.

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Quality of work life: a priority for HR

Occupational health and the well-being of employees must be at the center of HR concerns as QWL is an essential part of HRM. Without a corporate culture and work environment where employees feel included and satisfied with their job, you risk having disengaged and unhappy employees. As a manager or HR professional, it is essential to find ways to motivate employees while promoting a work-life balance.

Human resources management has an important role to play in job security regarding the prevention of occupational and psychosocial risks related to working conditions. As a minimum requirement, the work environment must comply with occupational safety rules. But to retain top talent and increase productivity, it is essential to also put in place an action plan to improve working conditions and the social climate. When developing strategic HR, companies must take into account the physical and mental health of each employee to improve workplace satisfaction and employee retention.

Improving working conditions is an important issue of an HR policy. Working to improve QWL reduces absenteeism, malaise, burnout, and other psychosocial risks. Management, the human resources manager and managers, must ensure that psychosocial risks are prevented within the company. To do this effectively, the leaders must acknowledge employee recognition, motivate employees on a daily basis, and supervise the well-being of the staff.

PeopleSpheres: a viable solution to improve quality of work life

PeopleSpheres facilitates internal communication between the human resources department, the HR department, managers and employees. Our HR platform facilitates social dialogue within an organization and thus promotes a healthy work life. In fact, PeopleSpheres is a collaborative platform that allows for fostering of collaboration and engaged employees.

PeopleSpheres is a powerful tool that will help you bring together all the functions impacting the employee experience in one place. In addition, our HR platform allows you to improve talent management by developing the interest and skills of your employees by creating a training plan adapted to your teams. The PeopleSpheres solution is a tool for improving QWL, career development, and human capital management. PeopleSpheres offers human resources leaders a powerful HR analysis tool to manage all your personnel management processes in one place.

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Valérie THIESSET Human Resources Manager - 51 employees

“PeopleSpheres was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt, and that makes everyday life much easier. Our company runs much more smoothly and efficiently.”

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