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Simplify staff scheduling, time management, and your administrative management by integrating employee scheduling software into the PeopleSpheres platform.

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Organize time easily

Improve your time and attendance management and manage your time profiles by integrating employee scheduling software. Create your time profiles and assign appropriate timesheets for the day, hour (35 hours, 40 hours, etc.), or part-time… It is possible and simple to assign several timelines to your employees! To facilitate the management of your workforce, you can seamlessly create a project plan by department, team, or entity.


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Be accompanied in the management of your planning

Easily create plans and set up benchmarks and indicators that show you the staffing needs for each task according to the different variables (transition rate, turnover, etc.) that are needed to achieve your organizational goals. Do you have subsidiaries abroad and need a collaboration tool that works internationally? The employee scheduling software adapts to your company’s structure and international context (time zones, regulations, etc.) and lets you manage projects of all sizes.

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Simplify time management

Plan your rotations and shifts automatically to simplify the management of your workforce and labor loan. You obtain accurate time tracking and hours worked by your employees through a clocking-in system in the scheduler. Our customizable management solutions allow you to choose if you want to display the time-spent on a virtual badge reader, physical badge reader, or via the mobile application. Promote team collaboration and improve communication by allowing managers to view the clocking-in status of team members in real-time and receive alerts and reminders in the event of delays or absences. They can also correct the hours of their teams, add comments, and more, on the dashboard. Your employees can access an overview of the workforce in real-time whenever they want, using the scheduling app.

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Simplify your administrative management

By integrating employee scheduling software, you can extract all data related to the presence and planning of your employees to any payroll software, thus facilitating the implementation of payroll. With the PeopleSpheres platform that consolidates all your management solutions in a single place through integrations, all your data can be interconnected. For example, your data regarding leave and absence can be updated in your employee scheduling and vice versa, so you can transmit your timesheet containing work hours and overtime information directly to your payroll software.

HR core: simplify your administration management

Improve your HR management

Integrated employee scheduling software on our easy-to-use management platform allows you to manage your projects and optimize resource planning and employee scheduling. Enable your employees to stay on track with their workload and important due dates in a clear, intuitive roadmap. Get a global and real-time view of your employees’ work scheduling by month, week, or day, as well as their availability periods. You have several ways to view availability and it’s up to you to choose the ones that work best for you and allows you to manage your staff more efficiently. By integrating HR software for managing resource scheduling at your company, you optimize the management of your resources according to your company needs to ensure the profitability of your business.

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Integrating employee scheduling software: advantages & benefits

For employees

  • Physical badge on user-friendly mobile app and/or on computer
  • Visualization of working schedule at any time
  • Automatic calculation of overtime
  • Clear and instantaneous organization

For administrators

  • Creation of employee profiles, working days, and work cycles
  • Allocation of different profiles to your employees in one click
  • Set up alerts to increase accountability on schedule
  • Export data in attachments that comes in several formats to facilitate payroll

For managers

  • Definition and distribution of resources in the schedule
  • Assist in time management practices
  • Control of team hours (arrivals, departures, etc.)
  • Streamline managing and tracking of rotations and labor loan

Employee scheduling software: learn more

What is employee scheduling software?

With the flexibilization of work and the emergence of remote working, more companies are led to use online collaboration tools. Employee scheduling software is a management tool for managing and visually tracking the work schedules of each employee. The software gives a lot of information regarding the employee schedule, including working hours, employee availability, and time spent at the company. The data provided in the scheduling program is useful not only for managing employees but for improving workforce management and project management practices such as project planning.

The collaborative software and its information can be consulted and modified by the employee himself, by the manager, or by the person in charge of the human resources department. Employee scheduling software is at the heart of a company’s time management and can connect within a centralized HR platform and work in line with payroll software, clocking systems, leave and absence, and more management tools. In addition, the consolidated management systems prioritize customization and an intuitive workspace for effective planning and workforce scheduling.

Time management: the importance of efficient employee scheduling in a company

Managing work schedules in a company is one of the most important tasks. Effective planning management will allow you to optimize the organization of your activities and resource allocation. Good planning and organization will increase the productivity and motivation of your employees, which leads to higher levels of employee performance, commitment, and dedication throughout their employee lifecycle. Poor planning and organization can lead to additional costs, which is why a proper employee scheduling solution that supports and streamlines internal forecasting is important for all companies.

Planning and forecasting is the key point in managing a work schedule. It is necessary to be able to forecast peaks of activity within the company to plan the necessary staff and resources for each project team. It is also necessary to be able to anticipate the absence of an employee to be able to plan for alternative solutions.

The management of employee schedules is part of the management of staff, skills, and resources. It is important to take stock of the skills and resources that the company has in order to best allocate projects and assign tasks accordingly.

Schedule management to save time

Managing schedules goes hand in hand with human resource management and time management. Good management of schedules is therefore necessary and can be achieved by integrating cloud-based employee scheduling software as a management tool in the PeopleSpheres platform. The scheduling solution will allow the whole company to collaborate in organizing its time, tasks, and resources. Your managers can easily keep projects on track by having organized teams and managing several calendars at the same time in the management system.

A mission assigned to the wrong person can waste time and resources, so it is important to manage the skills of all your employees well. By integrating skills management software into our HR platform, you can track your employees’ skills and put them to good use.

Good management of employee schedules will promote teamwork and save time for both your managers and employees. Indeed, the staff schedule is also a good internal communication tool, as an employee just has to look at the online schedule to find out which missions are assigned to him.

Regulations on the management of employee schedules

The management of employee schedules is surrounded by numerous regulations, in particular regulations concerning working time. This includes the duration of work time, legal rest time, and notice on deadlines. PeopleSpheres helps you follow the regulations regarding employee schedules and ensure that you stay in compliance at all times.

Ready to integrate employee scheduling software?

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