Simplify time management

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Organize time easily

Manage your time profiles with this planning management module. Create your time profiles for the day, hour (35 hours, 40 hours, etc.) or part-time… It is possible and simple to assign several profiles to your employees! You can create a planning by department, team or entity so as to facilitate the management of your workforce.

planning scheduling module

Be accompanied in the management of your planning

Create plannings very easily and set up benchmarks and indicators that show you the staffing needs for each task according to the different variables (transition rate, turnover etc.) that are needed to achieve your goals. Do you have subsidiaries abroad? This module adapts to your company’s structure and international context (time zones, regulations etc.).

Module Planning - HRIS

Simplify time management

Plan your rotations and shifts automatically to simplify the management of your workforce and labor loan. You obtain accurate tracking of planning and the hours worked by your employees through a clocking-in system on a virtual or physical badge reader or via the mobile application. Managers can view the clocking-in status of team members in real time and receive alerts in the event of delays and absences. They can also correct the hours of their teams, add comments etc. Your employees can access an overview of the workforce in real time whenever they want.

Module Planning - HRIS

Simplify your administrative management

With our Planning module, you can extract all data related to the presence and planning of your employees to any payroll software, and thus facilitate the implementation of payroll. All your data can be interconnected: your data regarding leave and absence can therefore be updated in your planning and vice versa, so you can transmit your working hours and overtime information directly to the Payroll module.

Module Planning - HRIS

Improve your HR management

Get a global and real-time view of your employees’ planning by month, week or day, as well as their availability periods. You therefore have several ways to view availability: it’s up to you to choose the ones that work best for you and that allow you to manage your staff more efficiently. Thanks to this module, you optimize the management of your resources according to your needs so as to ensure the profitability of your business.

Module Planning - HRIS
Bec temoignage - HR software

“The HR Portal tool made it much easier for our employees to take time off and facilitated the life of the HR department in general. We are an engineering company and the software allows our employees to have personalized remote access, from the customer site, to their leave account, and we avoid keeping tedious tables.”

Itelios - Core HR
Aude Amarrurtu HR Manager

“The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier.”

Agesys - core HR
Valérie Thiesset HR Manager

“PeopleSpheres was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt, and that makes everyday life much easier. Our company runs much more smoothly and efficiently.”

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