Integrate your Performance Management Software

By integrating performance management software, you ensure that you have the right talent doing the right work at the right time. Our HR platform helps you improve your performance management by enabling streamlined management of your employee performance, goals, and real-time progress.

performance management software

Gain control over organizational goals

Manage annual employee reviews and appraisals, set up professional interviews, and get customized reviews with a performance management solution integrated into the PeopleSpheres platform. Set both individual and company goals, pilot dashboards, and get a global overview of your company’s direction.

Company goals - employee reviews

Evaluate employee and corporate performance

Use assessment tools to simplify the measure of individual performance and employee goals achievement. Manage interviews through customized reviews such as annual interviews and disciplinary reviews. Dashboards and KPIs at all levels allow you to analyze employee performance evaluation and assess the business performance of projects and missions.

Evaluate performance - assessment tools

Support your managers in the alignment of performance and strategy

The HR platform help managers align employee activities with organizational strategies and control reviews and performance, as well as ongoing support from the HR department. With performance management software, you can combine social feedback, check-in, and assessments thanks to the continuous interaction between team members, newcomers, managers, and traditional evaluations. Streamline the development of operational goals by making goal setting easy and transparent with adapted performance management tools to help employees and managers align operational goals.

Support managers - performance review

Reward your top performers with a pay-for-performance strategy

Performance management software in our HR platform gives managers and employees the best global overview of their job performance, contribution, and growth potential, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Combined with compensation software, you can create a pay-for-performance strategy to reward high-performing employees with bonuses.

Tasks targets - performance reviews

Upgrade your HR management

With cloud-based performance management software integrated into the PeopleSpheres platform, we offer an ergonomic and paperless tool to manage performance. Enable hiring managers to save time in interviewing and increase employee efficiency. Increase your employee recognition by acknowledging achievements and employee progress with personal tracking and task valuation.

Upgrade HR management - manage performance

What can you achieve with integrated performance management software?

Build a skills assessment checklist

Set up a measurable checklist that will allow you to track, evaluate, and record your workforce skills in real time.

Manage performance check-ins

Performance management software allows you to easily manage several performance management check-ins with your staff members, such as career planning, bi-annual reviews, annual evaluations of performance, regular feedback check-ins, etc.

Personalize performance evaluations & objectives

Using a performance management system, you can develop individual objectives for every employee based on employee performance reviews as well as business objectives for the company as a whole. This allows you to prepare for a performance review more effectively while improving the employee experience.

Manage and monitor employee progress

Use a dashboard to visualize performance metrics and keep track of upcoming staff appraisals.

Get regular feedback from managers and employees

Motivate your employees with continuous feedback on individual and team performance. Regular employee feedback will allow for improvements and the leveraging of employees’ potential growth in the organization. The more frequently feedback is given and received, the more quickly teams can take action to improve, such as learning and development plans or self-assessment.

Evaluate employees directly from the management tool

All the essential information and questions for employee performance management are available on the platform and just have to be filled in. With just a few clicks, you can view your employee’s skills, their performance and accomplishments over the past year, their strengths, previous interviews, etc. This will allow you to prepare constructive feedback on their performance during scheduled check-ins and establish appropriate career development plans and long-term objectives for the entire employee lifecycle.

Provide self-assessments to your employees

Your employees can have the opportunity to answer different questions related to their own performance and progress toward their performance goals and objectives. This allows them to perform a self-evaluation and reflect on how they wish to improve their past performance and what they want to get out of their career with your organization.

Generate custom dashboards and reports

Once the performance review process has been completed, the data can be exported into an analytics tool in order to analyze the results and compare them to your organizational performance objectives. Generate intuitive direct reports to compare performance data with other HR data such as employee engagement measurements, absenteeism rates, employee productivity, etc. to get actionable insights about your workforce.

Ready to integrate performance management software?

PeopleSpheres is the best HR solution for managing people. We help you develop a solid and flexible HR platform by connecting management systems to sustain your business.

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