Assess employee skills thanks to continuous support and real-time progress monitoring.

Develop employee skills

Reduce mistakes and avoid money loss by integrating skill assessments directly in your recruiting process. Align employee activities with the company strategy. Set an efficient skill development program, find employees by skills, and run a skills and training matrix by profile.

Know your employees' skills better

Maximize your company’s potential by getting the necessary tools to identify and bridge gaps.

Test your employee skills

Assess skills on specific job positions and observe employees in real-time to determine skill and expectation matching. Use assessment tools to measure employee skills development. Follow up skills and qualifications precisely. Identify easily your employees’ skills and gaps thanks to an intuitive app. Combined with the Recruiting and Succession Management modules, search for employees by skills internally and externally.

Involve your employees

Gain access to a standardized and reusable skill library. Generate development plan automatically according to skill assessments results. Make your employees aware of their role in their team’s skills management and help anticipate skill needs according to company strategy and evolution.tion.

Upgrade your HR management

Get a global overview of the skills available in your company thanks to organizational and individual skill maps. Create individual training plans according to skill tests results. This module enables you to save time using skill management and improve company productivity. Enhance employee’s development by providing them with high-level training.

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