Integrate your Skills Management Software

Assess employee skills with continuous support and real-time progress monitoring by integrating skills management software into our HR platform.

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Develop employee skills and competency

Reduce mistakes, avoid money loss, and seamlessly align employee activities with the company strategy by integrating skill assessments directly into your recruiting process. With the skills management system, you can easily set up customizable and efficient skill development programs, find employees by skills needed for your project team, and run a skills and training matrix by profile.

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Gain knowledge about your employees skills

Improve your skills management by bringing visibility to existing and developing skills in your company. Maximize your company’s potential by getting the necessary management tools to identify and bridge gaps between skills, employee performance, and your business needs.


Test your employee skills

Assess skills in specific job positions and observe employees in real-time to determine skill and expectation matching. Use assessment tools that are integrated into the cloud-based HR software to measure employee skills development. Follow up on skills, qualifications, and competencies precisely. Easily identify your employees’ skills and gaps thanks to an intuitive app and determine areas that are in need of learning and development. Combined with recruiting software and succession management software on our centralized management platform, you can easily search for employees by skills both internally and externally.


Involve your employees in their skills management

Gain access to an easy-to-use dashboard with a standardized and reusable skill library in our HR system. Generate development plans automatically according to skill assessment results. Make your employees aware of their role in their team’s skills management and help anticipate and prioritize skill needs according to company strategy and evolution.


Upgrade your HR management

Get a global overview and make it easier to visualize the skills available in your company thanks to organizational and individual skill maps offered on the PeopleSpheres platform. Create individual training plans and assignments according to skill test results. The skills management module enables you to save time using skill management software and improve company productivity. Enhance employee development by providing them with high-level employee training.

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A skills solution that serves everyone:

HR Administrators

Take stock of skills

The skills software will allow a real overhaul of the skills available in your company. It enables you to measure the employee and recruitment needs of the company and how they are aligned with your business goals.


Involve your employees and anticipate their needs

Totally participatory, our software solutions allow you to involve employees in skills management. They will be able to help you in the HR process to identify the key and transversal skills essential to the competitiveness of the company.


Control your HR management

Now you can stop navigating by sight and truly take control of talent management in your business. This is a key asset for human resources management, in one click you are able to adapt to the skill needs of employees and manage their professional development.


Create a skills management strategy

Track and report on skills within your team in order to identify skill gaps and how to put in place initiatives such as recruitment or training plans to fill these gaps.


Motivate your team

Identify key areas for development for each of your team members and offer opportunities for career development. Increase accountability and commitment by involving team members in their own career progression in order to motivate them.


Onboarding new hires

Keep track of skills when newcomers join your team. Capture skills data from each new hire from day one and track their progress and employee performance in the company. The skills management software tools will help you manage your team better from the day they start.


Develop your skills

Skills management software will allow for teamwork between you and your company to make a real skills inventory and track your skills. The management tool allows you to launch an action plan to be able to progress and implement agile development and professional goals accordingly.


Follow personalized skill plans

The skills management software will allow your manager and HR department to follow you through your employee life cycle and support you personally and precisely. You are unique: your background and experiences make you a talent that deserves to be followed for its own skills. Develop your leadership and professional skills through a personalized training catalog.


Find the courses that suit you

Skills management software integrated into the HR management systems in your company will allow you to choose the training courses that best match your employee goals and ambitions, your professional project, and your potential desire for internal mobility.

Ready to integrate skills management software?

Get the best HR solution to manage your resources. We help you develop a solid human resource policy through our HR systems that will sustain your business.

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