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Make your application management simpler and recruit the best candidates for your company by integrating recruiting software into our HR platform.

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Attract top talent and process applications in a few clicks with tools connected to PeopleSpheres.

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Complete and intuitive recruitment management

Time_saving - HR solution

Save time

Publish your recruitment announcements in a few clicks and track job applications directly on the platform.


Increase visibility

Gain visibility of your recruitment progress for each open position, get approvals and signatures directly on the platform and move forward with a clear vision.

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Reduce recruiting errors

The recruiting system allows you to evaluate your candidates and thus recruit the best talent for your needs.

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Improve communication

Access a chat via the dashboard that streamlines communication with the candidates that you want to hire.

Guiding you along the entire recruitment process

Aggregate a resume library/candidate pool

Keep all the resumes and relevant paperwork that you receive on the platform and refer back to them in one click and evaluate each job application from your recruiting tool.

Transfer data to an employee profile

Once the recruitment has been finalized and the candidate selected, seamlessly change their profile from candidate to employee in a few clicks.

Publish on various recruiting channels

Once your job description has been approved via the software with the required skills and experience, post your job ad automatically on different job boards.

Select the best candidate

Skills tests will simplify your candidate management by giving you the opportunity to determine which candidate is the most qualified and will be the most successful in the position you are offering.

Invest in new talents

With our human resources platform, talent acquisition is made easy. Enhance your recruiting strategy and manage qualified candidates’ pipelines by keeping interesting profiles easily accessible when needed. Streamline the onboarding experience by assigning training, testing skills, and strengthening involvement as soon as new hires enter the company. Automatically transfer candidates’ profiles to salaried employees in one click with no need to re-enter the data into a separate HR software.

New submission - recruiting strategy

Attract qualified candidates

Attract, target, identify, and recruit candidates with the best qualifications and professional experience with ergonomic application forms in our HR platform. Create and publish your job offers on the most famous social networks and job boards. Enlarge your research and improve efficiency with talent pipelines fed by social networks. Customize your own career site and implement tests to quickly target the job seekers corresponding to the profile required.


Promote collaborative recruitment

Make sure the recruiters and the HR managers have the best recruiting tools during the entire recruiting process. Collaborate and give each involved person the opportunity to analyze and evaluate the job candidates in a structured way. Using recruiting software on our HR platform, everyone involved in the hiring process can leave a comment on the job positions and applicants. Involve your current employees in the recruiting process with a customizable mentoring and referral program.


Optimize newcomers onboarding experience

With our HR platform, recruiting and onboarding can become one. Combine recruiting software with onboarding software to automate and optimize new employees’ engagement and integration. Improve the onboarding process with automated forms and access to the company’s social network right after signing the contract. Align the collaborators’ goals with the companies’ and get reports on summaries’ sources and records.


Upgrade your HR management

Recruiting software in our cloud-based HR platform allows for an optimized recruiting and hiring process by saving you time and freeing you from the laborious task of looking for top talent manually. Adopt a recruitment strategy adapted to your needs that filters irrelevant job applicants and allows you to seamlessly hire a candidate who meets your exact expectations. The recruitment tool allows you to test the candidates more in order to make the best decisions, recruit the best fit, and reduce onboarding costs all while improving the candidate experience and strengthening your employer brand.


Ready to integrate recruiting software?

PeopleSpheres is the best HR solution to manage your people. We help you develop a solid and flexible connecting HR platform to sustain your business.

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