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Optimize integration management of new hires by implementing onboarding paths with our HR platform. Automate and simplify new employee arrivals and improve the employee experience at the beginning of the employee life cycle with cloud-based onboarding software.

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Involve newcomers from day one

Improve your first impression and make newcomers stay by revamping newcomers’ efficiency and experience even before their arrival in the company. With our HR platform, you will boost your new employees’ motivation and provide a global approach to the integration path to fully develop your teams’ potential and optimize employee performance. The onboarding module gives new employees access to the right resources, the right persons, and the right tools.

The faster new recruits are onboarded and up and running, the faster they will be operational in the new company. For a successful integration process, offer them an onboarding plan that they can easily follow with onboarding software in the PeopleSpheres platform. Not only does it make for a better experience for all new employees, but it also speeds up the orientation process. Provide a paperless and customizable onboarding phase for all new hires with the right onboarding software.

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Make your employer brand shine

Create a pre-hiring portal dedicated to future employees as a part of your recruitment marketing. Make your company stand out and attract top talent during the hiring process with pre-hiring information events available to top candidates. Offer your newly hired employees a motivating onboarding path with a customized space including centralized resources on the human resources platform to answer all their questions.

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Increase employee engagement

Reduce repetitive administrative tasks in workflows and reinforce compliance while establishing more transparency and cooperation among colleagues, managers, human resources, and other departments. Manage the beginning of the employee lifecycle from recruitment to the end of a contract with our HR platform.

new employee onboarding

Boost and motivate newcomers

Easily follow and manage your employees through the employee lifecycle starting with recruiting, onboarding, mobility, relocation, retirement, and leave. Increase employee motivation by proving immersion in corporate culture and support them efficiently with customized integration, and active preparation for the company’s social network.

New employee bio - pre-hiring portal

Upgrade your HR management

Reduce employee turnover, promote a sense of belonging in the organizational culture, and increase motivation with our HR platform. Reduce integration costs with powerful and intuitive management tools and save time by integrating new employees in the best way possible with HR software that offers intuitive and easy-to-use HR technology.

new employee onboarding

What value does integration of onboarding software bring?

Simplified and rewarding onboarding management

  • Employee autonomy: Permissions are assigned to the future employee with access to the essential information they need to do their jobs. This includes communication tools to collaborate with team members and relevant management tools they need to be a successful part of the company.
  • Better time management: Plan the arrival of new employees in advance and allow them to become operational faster. The faster a new team member integrates into their new job role, the faster they can start to carry out the duties they’ve been hired to do and help the company be successful.
  • Increased motivation: Organize your onboarding process by notifying team members of the arrival of a new employee. Facilitate their integration into the team by providing the equipment and HR tools they need from the first day of employment.
  • Automate data entry: By using the PeopleSpheres HR software that centralizes all HR systems on a single platform, you can seamlessly enter the employee portal and automatically retrieve information from your recruiting system to create an employee profile, generate employment contracts, and assign the appropriate onboarding tasks.
  • Monitoring and follow-ups: Monitoring the progress of the onboarding process will help you determine whether the process is effective for new hire orientation and employee development. You will have the opportunity to send reminders to employees as well as update the process to provide the best possible employee experience during the onboarding process.
  • Promote employer brand: A personalized onboarding process that is dedicated to the employees’ role in the company will help them get a better understanding of the company culture and operations during their first days with the company. The better they understand it, the better they can live up to the standards that are set and project that to external stakeholders such as customers and future employees.

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PeopleSpheres is the best HR solution to manage your people. We help you develop a solid and flexible connecting HR platform to sustain your business.

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