Implement onboarding paths with our Core HR to optimize integration management and simplify new employee arrivals.

Involve newcomers from the start

Make newcomers stay by improving newcomers’ efficiency and experience even before their arrival in the company with our Core HR. Boost your new employees and provide a global approach to the integration path to fully develop your teams’ potential. The Onboarding module gives new employees an access to the right resources, the right persons, and the right tools.

Make your brand shine

Create a pre-hiring portal dedicated to future employees and a pre-hiring information event to make your company stand out and attract top talent. Offer your newly hired employees a motivating onboarding path with a customized space including centralized resources to answer their questions.

Increase engagement

Reduce repetitive administrative tasks and reinforce compliance while establishing more transparency and cooperation among colleagues, managers, HR and different departments. Manage the beginning of employee lifecycle from recruitment to the end of a contract with our Core HR.

Boost your newcomers

Easily follow your employee’s lifecycle through onboarding, mobility, relocation, retirement and leave. Increase employees motivation by proving immersion in corporate culture and support them efficiently thanks to customized integration, and active preparation for the company’s social network.

Upgrade your HR management

Reduce turnover, promote a sense of belonging and increase motivation with our Core HR. Reduce integration costs thanks to powerful and intuitive tools and save time by integrating new employees in the best way possible.

Bec temoignage - HR software

“The HR Portal tool made it much easier for our employees to take time off and facilitated the life of the HR department in general. We are an engineering company and the software allows our employees to have personalized remote access, from the customer site, to their leave account, and we avoid keeping tedious tables.”

témoignage sirh peoplespheres
Aude Amarrurtu HR Manager

“The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier.”

Human Resources Manager - 51 employees
Valérie Thiesset HR Manager

“PeopleSpheres was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt, and that makes everyday life much easier. Our company runs much more smoothly and efficiently.”

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PeopleSpheres is the best HR solution to manage your people. We help you develop a solid and flexible connecting platform for HR to sustain your business.

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