Automate payroll management to save time and reduce errors.

Worry about legislation no longer

The payroll module, which is compatible and recognized for the DNS, is automatically updated with respect to your legal and contractual obligations. And so that you are even more aware of your obligations, we offer summary sheets on each legal obligation. So you no longer need to worry about legislation and are always in compliance. In case of non-compliance with a regulation, our module sends you a notification so that you can correct it.


Protect your sensitive data

All your payroll data is stored in the payroll module and encrypted in HTTPS, thus guaranteeing that it is secure and confidential. The servers on which your information is stored are highly secure. To avoid the loss of data, backups are performed 4 times per day.


Become more efficient / Automate your payroll processes

Each user is automatically created in the core HR and appears in the payroll module and each section is automatically pre-filled with user information. For example, the data in the leave module is automatically transmitted to the payroll module to make your job easier and save you time. The payroll module also lets you manage the variable elements of payroll and social declarations.


Keep control of your payroll

Thanks to the payroll module, you can correct your errors, make changes and recalculate your employees’ pay stubs at any time. This module also helps you to manage your time since it is possible to create alerts to remind you of deadlines: for example, the expiry of residence permits, trial periods etc. You also have access to customized dashboards and social reports to give you a clear overview of your data.


Simplify your HR management

Accelerate your administrative management thanks to the interconnection of the different modules. The payroll module can thus retrieve the data entered into the leave and time modules so as to auto-fill the different sections of the payroll module. Deliver your pay stubs on time and save time by digitalizing them.


Take advantage of automatic legal updates


Stay assured that your payroll software is in line with regulatory and legal updates. Software developments related to these updates are anticipated to allow you to manage your payroll with the peace of mind you need.

You can also manage multiple collective bargaining agreements which can be updated overtime to guarantee you a payroll that is always compliant (pay rates and pay increases of employees, bonuses, rate of contributions, pay slips, specific contracts, paid holidays, job classifications, etc.)

Integrate data from other software


Thanks to the PeopleSpheres HR platform, your software is interconnected; you no longer need to re-enter data from one software to another. For example, data from the leaves & absences and time management is automatically transmitted to the payroll system to make your job easier and save you time. The payroll software also allows you to manage various payroll elements which can often rely on other HR functions that are outside of payroll administrators’’ hands such as recruiting, shift scheduling and merit-based pay raises.

Protect your sensitive data


The PeopleSpheres HR solution allows you to be certain of the security and confidentiality of your data. The servers on which your information is stored are highly secure. In order to avoid the loss of your data, backups are made 4 times a day.

nicox- integration platform employee engagement
Valentina CHIARELLI HR Manager - 25 employees

“The quality of the software and its complementarity with its integrated partner services such as Legislative Editions or Assessfirst represents a real added value for my company. For me, data security was fundamental and all the certifications of PeopleSpheres meet my requirements perfectly.”

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