Integrate your Training & Development Software

Strengthen skills and support your managers with the training and development module in our HR platform. Go beyond traditional learning and development approaches by using technologies that reinvent training activities to enhance your employee career paths.

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Simplified training and development management


Save time and money

Eliminate unnecessary costs and save time by making professional training management processes more flexible and customizable.

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Increase motivation and productivity

Motivate your employees and improve their skills with a training plan adapted to their learning needs combined with your business needs.


Monitor staff development

Modulate the training plan of each employee by monitoring their progress and personalize the development plan for each employee accordingly. Establish coherent succession plans to optimize your organizational development.

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Optimize the recruitment process

Improve recruitment management by optimizing knowledge and skills. Reduce turnover by keeping your employees motivated and engaged in their learning experience.

Personalized training and development plans

Personalized training curriculum

Create a personalized training curriculum for all employees with the training software and assign different types of job training necessary to optimize their talent development, such as skills training or leadership training.

Evaluate skills development

Monitor the professional development of your teams at any time with the implementation of personalized tests and skills matrices in the management software.

Dedicated learning space

Provide each employee in your staff with online training in a dedicated learning space that allows them to monitor their professional training and development.

Accessible anywhere at anytime

Does your employee prefer learning from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone? The management systems deliver training materials with accessibility from anywhere that enhances the individualized employee learning.

Access a wide training catalog

Access all different types of employee training methods, from e-learning in learning software to quizzes and instructed-led training in classrooms. The PeopleSpheres HR platform offers both private and public catalogs that contain more than 1,000 online training courses and tests curated for your network. You can also easily upload your own customized training courses, implement individualized training plans, and receive reminder e-mails to complete unfinished training.


Become a member of our human resource network

With training and development software, you can easily manage face-to-face training, long-distance training, personality tests, certifications, and access to training content. On our human resources platform, training sessions are evaluated and marked by members of the inter-company network. Promote social and collaborative training to share, evaluate, comment, and build communities from all types of resources and content. The training and development module helps foster social learning, develop better cooperation, and optimize communication within your company.


Increase employee engagement

Strengthen employee engagement with training and development software integrated into our HR platform. The easy-to-use employee training and development system offers training actions that encourage employees to be involved in their own career development with easy access to content available on their mobile devices. Improve performance and employee development by bringing together trainer and learner in courses, forums, online courses, and mobile training all available on a single platform. The impact of providing learning opportunities to your teams on the level of employee engagement is not only a given, but can also be measured with feedback tools available on the PeopleSpheres platform.


Master the training program

Automate assigned training courses or certifications to each employee according to their company roles and positions (new employee, new internal position…) and generate automatic workflows under the defined process. Not only does this reduce administrative effort and saves time, but also ensures consistency in trainings across teams and over time. Of course, training plans can be customized as business requirements change. Combined with the performance module, avoid mistakes and assign employee training programs according to the scope of the job and project requirements.


Upgrade your HR management

Make your employees the heart of your company with our HR platform by integrating the cloud-based training and development software as a motivational tool for employees. Increase employee performance by drawing attention to job openings in your company, providing continuing education through training opportunities, and integrating new development and learning technologies. Maximize profitability by optimizing your training program investment with effective training that prioritizes developmental success.


Ready to integrate training and development software?

PeopleSpheres is the best HR solution to manage your people. We help you develop a solid and flexible connecting HR platform to sustain your business.

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