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Place de la Formation TMS

Training & Development
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Why get Place de la Formation TMS through PeopleSpheres ?

✓ A single point of contact for all our partners (implementation, account manager, support center, etc.)
✓  Only 1 contract for your entire HR ecosystem
✓  One global invoice
✓ A single interface to access with a single username and password
 Guaranteed integration maintenance
✓ Price is identical to that which is offered directly from the partner; no additional cost

If you already have a contract with Place de la Formation TMS, you can purchase our “Place de la Formation TMS <> PeopleSpheres” connector and integrate Place de la Formation TMS to your other tools through PeopleSpheres.


The Training Management Solution (TMS), developed by the software publisher Place de la Formation, is much more than just a training management software within your company. TMS also facilitates the management and skills development of your employees by digitizing and automating many of your processes.

TMS is a real knowledge management tool for teams, which can be quickly and intuitively deployed within structures. Start launch meetings with various technical questionnaires in just a few clicks, configure your meetings, and import your data to customize your employees’ training to match your organization’s image.

To adapt and automate other HR processes to your organization, use the modules available in PeopleSpheres and boost your activity with your HRIS.


Main features of Place de la Formation TMS software

  • A personalized and accessible training library for everyone
  • A tool for creating training plans
  • Intuitive management of your training programs
  • Over 200 customizable parameters for your company
  • Automated reminders
  • Secure storage of digitized documents
  • Electronic signature and attendance tool
  • Automated registration and scheduling
  • Customizable questionnaire creation platform
  • Real-time and pre-configured indicators and reporting
  • SaaS application available on all browsers


Free Trial


What you get by using Place de la Formation TMS through PeopleSpheres

Through its Training Management Solution, Place de la Formation aims to simplify the lives of training managers while creating an accessible and intuitive training platform so that all employees can easily progress in their field of expertise.


Save time using an intuitive interface

TMS facilitates the adoption of its solution by new users. Profile creation is facilitated by data from PeopleSpheres and validation requests are automated by workflows. Each employee has access to dashboards with real-time indicators, pre-configured and requiring no re-entry. Place de la Formation estimates that its software could save your training managers up to 80% of their current time spent on training management.


A platform suitable for all users

Accessing and using TMS is tailored to HR teams, managers, and all employees who need to use the solution. The platform allows you to create training and arbitration plans in just a few clicks; managing training with TMS has never been easier. Moreover, the software takes care of collecting the various needs of employees to improve the platform according to your company. Your company’s managers will thank you, as TMS makes it easier for them to monitor employees, their interviews, and the skills of their teams to maintain optimal qualification. Creating training offers and sessions is also made more accessible. TMS believes that a single type of evaluation is not enough; by evaluating both immediately and later, it is possible to better retain satisfaction and efficiency from training.


Automated and secure processes

Much of TMS’s strength lies in its automated processes and management workflows. The solution makes your training activity more secure than ever and ensures an optimized circuit for every learner or manager. Reminders for certain documents are automated, TMS robots save you time and digitize your documents for online storage in secure spaces. Registrations, invitations, and evaluations, everything is managed autonomously. Signature and attendance are also digitized for optimal time and cost savings. If you’re looking to increase data security, use one of the digital safe modules through PeopleSpheres. This way, you drastically reduce the chances of data leaks.


Fully customize your TMS space

For training to be as effective as possible, it must correspond to the variables of your organization. TMS provides you with an easily customizable platform. From the home screen to budget views, through to schedules and various actions, you can customize everything. Even within training sessions, questionnaires are customizable online, as is the training catalog. To save even more time, TMS validation processes are adjustable and allow you to process requests more quickly. The software has over 200 parameters and ensures that you align as closely as possible with your company’s operations. To go further in customization, it is perfectly possible to use PeopleSpheres to combine other customizable HR modules with TMS and build a 100% personalized HRIS.


Reduce your management costs

The advantage of digitizing documents and automating workflows is that costs are reduced at the same time. Place de la Formation estimates that, on average, TMS reduces training management costs by 15%.

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Place de la Formation is a TMS allowing companies with 200 to 20,000 employees to digitize training monitoring. TMS has 3 objectives:

1) Save up to 80% of the time spent by training teams and help refocus HR activity on people

2) Save up to 15% on training management costs

3) Optimize and secure training processes


The advantage of using Place de la Formation with PeopleSpheres is to be able to find the employees created in the HRIS platform directly in Place de la Formation without double data entry. Logging into Place de la Formation is also simplified by setting up an SSO.


Download our white paper: ‘Boîte à outil du responsable formation’ written by PeopleSpheres and Place de la formation: click here

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