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Training & Development
Upskill from within

Why get 360Learning through PeopleSpheres?

If you already have a contract with 360Learning, you can purchase our 360Learning-to-PeopleSpheres connector and integrate 360Learning to your other tools through PeopleSpheres.

Description of the solution

CREATE: Upskill your workforce fast with Academies to bring your learners and experts together

AUTOMATE: Automate compliance and instructor-led sessions while optimizing costs

LEARN: Deliver personalized learning in the flow of work while housing internal expertise and third-party content all in one place

360Learning excels at solving your L&D use cases: Employee onboarding, Sales enablement, Software training, Leadership & development, Customer training, Partner enablement, Frontline staff training, Compliance training.

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Build your own HR ecosystem by enabling employees, customers and partners to upskill from within using 360Learning’s comprehensive learning platform.


360Learning empowers companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. With our comprehensive learning platform, companies accelerate upskilling with the help of internal experts instead of slow top-down training. 360Learning powers the future of work at 1,700 organizations. Founded in 2013, 360Learning has 400+ team members across the US and EMEA.