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HR analytics software is most commonly used by an HR department and HR professionals to track and analyze HR data including employee performance, turnover and other key HR metrics. Using these cloud-based analytics tools together with various business data sources can enable organizations to improve the efficiency of HR processes and areas of improvement. Predictive analytics functionalities can also help inform policy and structural decisions and their impact on turnover, performance, and employee engagement. Ditch the spreadsheet for agile business analytics and data visualization.

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Start Making the Most of Big Data

Analyze Data from Multiple Sources

PeopleSpheres pulls your HR data into a single platform. Leverage this unified data hub by adding an analytics software or a business intelligence tool to your integrated tech stack.


Empower your HR Team

Want more meaningful metrics? By using data from multiple sources and advanced analytics, your team can tell a more compelling story about your workforce.

Automate HR Reporting

No more Excel spreadsheets. With an HR analytics tool, you can create reports, visualizations, and dashboards to stay on top of the continuous requests for data.

Make Data-Driven and Strategic HR Decisions

Using HR analytics software is the first step to making more data-driven decisions in HR. Easily access data to inform your HR initiatives and programs such as training and development or employee DEI initiatives. With the right data, you can feel more confident in your decision-making process. Most importantly, you can rest assured that you have a way to measure the success of any change that is implemented.

Free Up Time with Efficient HR Process

Wish you could spend less time doing administrative work and more time on initiatives that make a real impact on employees’ lives? Identify actionable insights to improve HR processes. Find out how long it takes to hire, how many payroll corrections need to be made each month, the number of incomplete performance evaluations, or which training courses have the lowest completion rate.

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Address Real Employee Concerns

Enhance the employee experience by using an HR analytics software to identify trends and issues. HR professionals can address concerns and improve the employee experience by addressing real concerns. Employee engagement and employee retention data can be used to find out whether there is a management issue to address in a particular department or an organization-wide policy that could be impacting staff turnover.

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Promote Transparency and Build Trust

Being transparent with your data analytics can take your organization to the next level. Make information readily available with dashboards and secure data sharing. Not only does this make your job easier when you need to make a decision, it creates a sense of trust across teams. HR benefits from access to data in one place, and managers and business leaders can access what they need to get their job done without waiting for a response from an HR admin or analyst.

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Talent management

HR analytics software can help organizations identify top performers and identify potential leaders within the organization. This can be useful for succession planning and for identifying potential candidates for promotions or other leadership positions. Create a competitive advantage for your organization with data mining and data analytics.

Performance Management

Deploy an HR analytics software for tracking and analyzing employee performance data, such as attendance records, productivity metrics, and customer satisfaction ratings. This can help organizations identify areas where employees may need additional training or support, or where they are excelling. Data integration in PeopleSpheres can make a performance metric more insightful by leveraging all data from other management software such as onboarding tools or an applicant tracking system.

Workforce planning

HR analytics software can help organizations in forecasting future workforce needs and identify potential skills gaps and staffing needs. This can be useful for planning recruitment and training efforts. Dashboards can also be created so that managers can visualize this type of real-time analytics or drill-down to specific employee data to make better decisions.

Diversity and Inclusion

HR analytics software can help organizations track and analyze data on employee diversity and inclusion, such as the representation of different demographic groups within the organization. This can help organizations identify areas where they may need to focus on improving diversity and inclusion efforts.

Benefits and compensation

HR analytics software can help an HR manager track and analyze datasets on employee benefits and compensation, such as the types of benefits offered and the cost of those benefits. This can be useful for identifying cost savings opportunities and for making informed decisions about benefits offerings.

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