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Use chatbot software to create intelligent and conversational interactions with employees and provide digital HR support. Using natural language processing (NLP), chatbots are designed to understand and respond to user inputs. Several chatbot tools are built using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide enhanced performance and analytics. Chatbot software can be integrated to your PeopleSpheres platform to answer questions regarding benefits, HR policies and more. It can also assist with recruitment and onboarding new hires.

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Unified HR Knowledge

Replace a disparate ecosystem of HR services into a centralized platform where employees can go to get support for all their critical HR information and tools.


Enhanced Employee Experience

Quick, accurate, and contextually relevant answers to frequent question. Free up your HR team to focus on driving business success.

Personalized Interactions

No two employees are the same. Chatbot software use powerful natural language processing to comprehend and resolve issues in a contextual manner.

The Perfect Virtual Assistant to Automate Repetitive Tasks

Reduce the number of calls and tickets sent to the HR. Bots can handle the most frequently asked questions, allowing HR to focus on more important tasks and better managing the workforce. Not only does this free up managers’ time, it also streamlines the process for employees who can quickly get the information they need without waiting for a response.


Deliver Cross-application Support for your Integrated HR Systems

Leverage the power of PeopleSpheres with your chatbot software. When you integrate a chatbot along with a range of applications, such as payroll, benefits, and time tracking, you can deliver seamless support to employees. Ensure they can use these all systems effectively to access the information and tools they need to be productive and successful.

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Applying Business Intelligence to Workforce Management

Employees are not the only ones in need of information, you are too. Chatbot software can be used to collect data and track data on employee attendance, performance, and other metrics, providing valuable insights that can inform workforce management decisions.

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Use Cases for Chatbot Software in HR

Talent Management

Chatbot software can be used to automate certain aspects of the talent management process.

For example, the bots can provide new hires with company policies, information about employee benefits and other important details about their new job.

Chatbots are also commonly used in recruiting process to filter through resumes, pre-screen candidates by evaluating their answers to a set of pre-defined questions.

Employee Directory

Chatbots can be used to provide contact information and job titles quickly and conveniently. For example, an employee could ask for the phone number or email address of a colleague or who someone’s manager is, and the chatbot would give them the answer they need.

Knowledge Search

Chatbots can be used to facilitate knowledge search by providing quick and accurate answers to employee questions. For example, an employee could ask the chatbot about a specific HR policy or procedure, and the chatbot would provide the necessary information. As you connect more systems to your PeopleSpheres platform, the more rich your chatbot’s knowledge base becomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR chatbot software used for?

HR chatbot software is used to automate HR support and improve the employee experience through messaging and live-chat. It can also be used to streamline HR processes, such as leave requests and benefits inquiries.

Why should I implement a chatbot on the PeopleSpheres platform?

Having the power of a chatbot on PeopleSpheres means your digital assistant can pull information from any source that is already integrated into PeopleSpheres. Not only can you provide cross-functional support to your employees, but it can also improve user adoption by assisting employees in navigating all the tools they have on the platform.

How does HR chatbot software improve the employee experience?

HR chatbot software can provide quick and convenient access to HR information and services, improving the overall employee experience. It can also be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual employees, further enhancing the employee experience.

Can HR chatbot software be personalized to meet the needs of individual employees?

Yes, HR chatbot software can often be customized and personalized to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual employees. This can include personalization of the chatbot’s responses and the information it provides.

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