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HR Analytics
All your HR indicators in one place

Why get Reflect through PeopleSpheres ?

✓ A single point of contact for all our partners (implementation, account manager, support center, etc.)
✓  Only 1 contract for your entire HR ecosystem
✓  One global invoice
✓ A single interface to access with a single username and password
 Guaranteed integration maintenance
✓ Price is identical to that which is offered directly from the partner; no additional cost


If you already have a contract with Reflect, you can purchase our Reflect-to-PeopleSpheres connector and integrate Reflect to your other tools through PeopleSpheres.


Reflect integrates with all your HR software (ATS, Core HR, Payroll…), retrieves data and builds your dashboards and HR indicators in an automated way: headcount monitoring, turnover analysis, payroll forecast, recruitment quality, absenteeism analysis etc.

At a glance and in one place, you will have access to all the indicators that allow you to pilot your organization.

The advantages :
– considerable time and productivity savings for the HR team who no longer have to build HR reports by hand: Reflect automates this process.
– Extreme reliability: manual reporting is prone to human error. Our connectivity to tools makes our reporting reliable and accurate.
– Objective HR decisions: you will have access to all the best indicators in order to analyze or anticipate situations such as increased turnover.
– a much smoother communication with your stakeholders

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Reflect integrates with PeopleSpheres in an automated way. This means that once we connect Reflect to your PeopleSpheres, your reporting, dashboards and indicators will be updated automatically.


Reflect is a data visualization solution specialized in HR.