Core HR: centralize, manage, and
log your employee data

Not only are you unifying HR data from the systems of your choice.
You’re customizing the platform they run on.


HR records that serve your needs

You’re not just storing data. You’re organizing vital information in a way that meets diverse employee needs. PeopleSpheres’ Core HR lets you adapt your HR records using custom fields that serve your business needs.

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All actions & alerts under one roof

Avoid missed deadlines, information gaps and non-compliance. Set up automatic alerts for required training, profile discrepancies or time sensitive HR tasks. They’ll appear in a single action center for easy access.

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HR data that offers control & insights

Reduce the risk of payroll errors or decisions based on incomplete information. Your Core HR ensures the data from all your tools are readily available and reportable from one platform.

Run your HR operations with ease and flexibility

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    Unified Action Center

    This intuitive hub brings together alerts, assignments, and updates from across your organization, ensuring you never miss a beat.

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    Custom Fields

    Add, customize, and manage information exactly the way you want. Ensure that your data collection is as relevant and efficient as possible.

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    Unified HR Records

    Eliminate data silos, ensuring that every piece of information— from personal details to employment history —is easily accessible and up-to-date.

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    HR Requests

    Employees can request HR documents and update their personal information quickly and efficiently.

Smooth data management

  • Efficient Process Automation: Automatically updates user data throughout workflows, such as in a pre-boarding processes.
  • Smooth Transition from Candidate to Employee: Essential information from a candidate’s application form—identity, address, marital status, phone number —is seamlessly integrated into their employee profile upon recruitment.
  • Proactive Data Maintenance: HR can launch campaigns to regularly update data, ensuring ongoing compliance and accuracy.
  • Instant Change Alerts: Modifications to administrative details trigger automatic notifications to HR managers for review and approval.

Reports you can actually count on

  • Centralized Employee Data: Manage all employee information from a single, integrated platform ensuring data it is accessible and up-to-date.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Tailor your HR dashboard to meet the unique needs of your organization, highlighting key metrics that matter most, from employee performance to engagement levels.
  • Flexible Data Export: Supporting seamless data sharing and analysis outside the platform, enhancing reporting flexibility and external collaboration.

Your employee data is safe

  • Flexible Access Controls: Configure user permissions, controlling which tools and data can be accessed and by whom, based on roles, departments, and locations.
  • Data Encryption: Your sensitive data, your databases as well as your files are encrypted and secured with a password.
  • Regular Security Audits: PeopleSpheres regularly organizes security audits to ensure the security of the data we host.

Core HR Capabilities

  • Single source of truth for HR data
  • Custom fields and forms
  • User-specific security roles
  • Automatic reminders and alerts
  • Multi-language, currency and country
  • Configurable workflows
  • Cross-module reporting & analytics
  • Document generation
  • Unified employee profile
  • Organizational chart
  • On/offboarding
  • Career history
  • Integrations (ATS, legal, payroll, etc.)