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Get employee attendance at your fingertips with time and attendance software integrated into our HR platform. Manage working time, time spent per activity, task and project allocation per client, period, hour, and day.

time and attendance software

Save time managing activities

The time & attendance module allows you to manage the employee hours of full-time, part-time, and flat-rate employees, as well as shift workers, and those on cyclical schedules. Get a paperless time clock system to control arrival, departure, and break times using automatic calculation with a connection to the badge reader. Perform attendance tracking and remotely receive activity reports weekly and monthly. Seamlessly allocate the time spent per client, project, and task with the help of workforce management software. Track budget, analyze returns, and get summary dashboards by period, department, structure, employee, or customer. We recommend combining our cloud-based time & attendance management system with leave of absence software and project management software on our HR platform as it integrates the data and pre-fills activities, hence reducing manual data entry.


Track and analyze budgets

Time and attendance software allows you to track budgets with gross and net margins over cost and sales prices. Pre-invoice by period, client, project, and track overtime with the leave of absence module on our HR platform. The time tracking system also enables you to analyze and track your employee hours worked according to filters (legal entity, task, store, etc.) and access various dashboards and summaries with time and attendance metrics such as absenteeism, overtime percentage, sick time, and more.

Staff leave calendar - leave of absence

Simplify the management of employee time and attendance

Keep track of employee work hours and validate or reject employee overtime reports with integrated time and attendance software. Our customizable HR platform allows for team members’ allocation in the attendance management system with the option to add comments. Validation or rejection of overtime or time off is automatically sent by email to the employee. Create timetables per resource and define price cost and sales price per customer, project, or task. If absent, delegate timesheets and activities validation as well as time and attendance records. Access time and activity records according to various filters (customer, project, collaborator, etc.), and summary dashboards and statuses.

New expense - employee overtime

Empower your employees

Empower your employees and increase employee productivity with a simplified and intuitive attendance system. Consult schedule activities and PTO at any time with the timekeeping system on our human resources platform. Streamline attendance monitoring with configurable reports where hours worked can be reported in days or hours, and per period, client, project, or task. Allow all employees to effortlessly enter arrival and departure times with an easy-to-use online punch card. Time and attendance data is automatically sent by email to managers for validation, reducing repetitive administrative tasks. With the integration of multiple HR software in our platform, such as the planning software, all fields for employee records can be pre-filled.

Team calendar - time and attendance

Get an overview of your time and attendance system

Time and attendance software allows you to optimize project budgets and avoid overspending while reaching your targets. Improve your project tracking in the control system where you can inform collaborators of new projects and assign roles while increasing reactivity by assigning tasks with specified priorities.

HR professional - project budgets
Agesys - core HR

“PeopleSpheres was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt, and that makes everyday life much easier. Our company runs much more smoothly and efficiently.”

Nicox - Core HR
Valentina Chiarelli HR Manager

“The quality of the software and its complementarity with its integrated partner services such as Legislative Editions or Assessfirst represents a real added value for my company. For me, data security was fundamental and all the certifications of PeopleSpheres meet my requirements perfectly.”

Ready to integrate time and attendance software?

PeopleSpheres is the best HR solution to manage your people. We help you develop a solid and flexible connecting HR platform to sustain your business.

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