Badge reader

Automatically manage and optimize your time with our badge reader module.

Automate your badge reader process

Determine the working time of your employees in a simple and effective way. Thanks to our automated badge reader module, managers and the HR department will be able to better forecast the working times of their teams and projects, and thus to arrange tasks and resources according to needs.

Limit your administrative tasks

Don’t waste time exporting the working time of your employees, entering it into your tools and validating it. Thanks to our module for clocking in and out, your employees’ working time data is directly linked to the PeopleSpheres HRIS platform.

Calculate overtime in one click

Make a reliable calculation of your employees’ working time. Adjust the resources available for your projects in a simple and thoughtful way. Easily check the planning of your team and employees for maximum optimization of their planning. Synchronizing your company’s data collected via the badge reader with an HRIS gives you a reliable and up-to-date view of your employees’ overtime.

Choose one of 4 badging systems

Choose between 4 different badging systems: badge/ card, IP address, tablet/ smartphone/ computer and biometry (not allowed in France). Choose the system that best suits your business and needs. Each of the different badging systems can be synchronized with the PeopleSpheres platform.

Improve your HR management

Set up a badging system and save time with our automated module. Don’t waste your time manually entering and exporting data: everything is synchronized with PeopleSpheres’ core HR. This module makes data more reliable, and enables you to easily control the planning of your team and employees, in order to adjust the planning effectively. Limit your administrative tasks and save time.

Aude AMARRURTU HR manager – 113 employees
“The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier.”