Digital safe

Secure your digital assets and store your documents with complete peace of mind.

File your data

Does filing your data and documents require a lot of space? Tired of sorting papers? With our digital safe, you no longer need to find space to store all your files: everything is dematerialized!

Facilitate the accessibility of your data

Thanks to our solution, you can access your data whenever you want 24/7 via a simple web browser or the mobile application. The dematerialization of your documents makes sorting simpler and it is therefore easier to find the documents you are looking for since they are all stored in the same place: the digital safe.

Secure your data

Don’t worry about security: all your data is hosted in France in a cloud that meets regulatory requirements. All information and documents stored in the digital safe can be protected by an electronic signature, timestamping and/ or fingerprints. The reversibility of the data is guaranteed: you can recover your data at the end of the contract.

Centralize your data

With the digital safe, you can dematerialize all your documents and enter a new digital era at the forefront of technology. Don’t waste time printing, scanning, or searching for documents: all your data is centralized!

Save time

The dematerialization of documents and storage in a digital safe allows you to save space, access your data easily, track all your documents electronically, print less paper, and thus be more environmentally friendly. This will obviously save a lot of time: no need to print or look for a document for hours!

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Aude AMARRURTU HR Manager - 113 employees

« L’outil a été opérationnel dès sa mise en place et a très vite été adopté par l’ensemble de la société. C’est un outil simple, facile à s’approprier et qui facilite beaucoup le quotidien. »