Organization charts

Optimize the management of your business with our module creation and management chart.

Automate the creation and follow-up of company organization charts

Create an organization chart for your company easily with our organization chart module. Consult your organization chart quickly and easily on your PeopleSpheres platform. Synchronize the data in the organization chart directly with those in the PeopleSpheres core HR. Automatically calculate certain data: payroll, vacancies etc. Simplify your life and create your organization charts with our Organization Chart module.


Plan your future changes

Get a global view of your data in one click with an organization chart. Plan for future departures and arrivals in your company, easily create future positions, and plan possible replacements for departures, thanks to our Organization Chart module.

Plan your future changes - HRIS

Distribute your organization charts in multiple formats

Retrieve all your organization charts in one click. With this module, you can create and manage your organization charts. Furthermore, you can distribute your organization charts in PDF, Word and PowerPoint format. Share your organization chart in PDF format during meetings.

Distribute your organization charts in multiple formats - HRIS

Customize your organization charts according to your needs

Customize and create the design and content of your company organization charts. Choose the design of your organization charts using templates. Create and customize your company’s organization charts with the drag-and-drop function: simply structure your organization charts according to your needs.


Improve your HR management

Create and implement your organization charts and save time with the Organization Chart module. Don’t waste any more time using tools to create your organization charts manually: this module lets you create them easily by synchronizing data from the PeopleSpheres core HR. With the Archive function, you will see the evolution of your organization chart and therefore of your company. Save time with the Organization Chart module. It allows you to create and analyze professional organization charts quickly and easily. With the drag-and-drop function, customize and structure your organization charts according to your needs.

Improve your HR management - HRIS

For the employee

  • Simplified and quick access
  • Better understand the hierarchical structure of the organization

The organizational chart software brings benefits for everyone in the company, employees will be able to benefit from clear information on the internal structure with optimized access. These functionalities are an asset especially for newcomers who can be quickly operational with regard to internal information.

For the manager

  • Transmit flowcharts more easily according to the support of each user and limit the risk of reading problems.
  • Improve the allocation of resources, thus reducing labor costs
  • Highlight your key employees and grant rewards
  • Facilitate collaboration with the organization chart
  • Define the skills needed for each job

For the manager, the organizational chart software is a functional tool that will allow several people to work on the development of organizational charts and thus determine the need for internal resources. The various employees will be able to have easy access to the document transmitted using various possible formats.

For the HR administrator

  • Easily create future positions and plan replacements
  • Limit the risk of errors in the information used
  • Synchronize software data with the HR base that interconnects all HR software
  • Stop creating your flowcharts by hand and focus on other tasks
  • Save time on internal communication
  • Makes management easier

For the HR administrator, daily tasks will be optimized and they will have the ability to facilitate their internal management, in particular by anticipating the needs for each position.

Thanks to our fully functional organization chart, they will be able to set up hierarchical structures easily and identify the hierarchical chain in a few clicks. In addition, they can choose the type of structuring they want and adapt it to their HR management and business needs.

témoignage sirh peoplespheres
Aude AMARRURTU HR Manager – 113 employees

“The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier.”