HR document generator

Automatically generate the necessary documents for all your HR procedures.

Automate your administrative tasks

All you need to do is enter the information necessary for performing an HR procedure and our tool automatically generates a schedule and the necessary documents for it. You no longer need to create your own documents; you just have to enter the key information. With each change you make, our tool recalculates the due dates and other schedule dates and modifies the documents accordingly.

hr document generator

You no longer need to worry about regulations

Certain documents, such as contracts of employment, must comply with specific rules. Our tool keeps you in compliance with the law thanks to a sophisticated control system. Our legal database is constantly updated, respects agreements and collective agreements, and ensures that you constantly comply with regulations.

document generator

Manage your HR resources

Our HR document generator allows you to manage all kinds of HR procedures, including dismissals, employment offers, renewals of permanent contracts and contract terminations. Just fill in a simple form and our generator takes care of the rest. Manage all your HR procedures easily and save time.

document generator

Manage your procedures simply

Automating your administrative tasks not only saves you time, it also enables you to streamline costs and resources. Managing HR procedures efficiently with a schedule will help you to justify the costs related to the management of staff.


Save time

HR schedules and procedure documents are generated automatically and are accessible 24/7. So you no longer need to spend time creating documents and will therefore have more time to focus on higher value-added tasks.


For HR Administrators

  • Easier onboarding process: Generate documents using ready-to-go templates and legal documents such as I-9s, tax forms or employee handbook acknowledgement forms. Automating document generation makes onboarding new hires quicker and smoother for employees and HR alike.


  • Never worry about regulations: The HR document generator module allows the HR department to generate contracts while ensuring compliance with regulations.


  • Manage your HR resources: Thanks to the platform you can manage all your HR resources. The HRIS base platform connects all your modules, ensuring flexibility. You will finally be able to use software that fully adapts to the needs of your business, whatever its size.


  • Cost rationalization: Unsurprisingly, the digitalization of HR documents will allow you to control and reduce your travel, storage or printing costs.


  • Complete and up-to-date legal data: This module takes into account legal developments to offer you documents that are compliant.


  • Better compliance and security: The documents are kept in a digital safe to ensure data security. In addition, you can rest easy: the documents comply with the legislation.

For Managers

  • Manage your procedures simply: The module automatically simplifies all your HR processes, whether related to recruitment, payroll management or even performance management. The performance of the human resources department is thus optimized.


  • You improve the employee or customer experience: With this solution you differentiate yourself by offering a solution adapted to everyone’s needs. You will be able to improve customer satisfaction and meet your customers’ needs by generating documents very quickly.

For Employees

  • Save time: The module saves you time by reducing the duration of HR processes. Generating documents has never been easier!


  • A platform accessible anywhere and anytime: The module can be used and accessed anywhere, at any time and on all types of HR tools. Be sure to manage your documents very quickly.
Aude AMARRURTU HR Manager - 113 employees

« The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier. »