A Single HR Portal to Communicate and Work Better

Keep employees informed and connected with a centralized HR system and employee self-service portal

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Access a unified employee profile

Every employee is given their own username and password to log into the HR portal from which they can access all their HR services and personal information. The human resources data of each employee is centralized in a unified employee profile to simplify HR management and HR analytics.

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Inform and communicate with your employees

Employees like to be in the know at all times. Feature company and local news on your HR portal to keep your current employees informed and to help integrate new employeesThey can log in from a single point of access on their mobile web browser or computer.

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Connect your employees and promote collaboration

Your employees can access a company directory at any time from the HR portal to find contact information of other employees in the company and get in touch with them. Leverage HR technology to foster collaboration within your organization.

Centralized HR Data within a Single Employee Profile

You no longer need to spend time searching your various employee records. With PeopleSpheres, all you need to do is sign in to your HR portal: all the HR data contained in your various HR software (payrolltime & attendanceperformance managementapplicant tracking, etc.) are automatically centralized into an employee profile. Automate your employee management and administrative tasks. In addition to updating their personal information, employees can also log in to view their pay stubs, request time-off, review their timesheets, access their annual performance review, and more.  

Do you need updated direct deposit information for your employees? No need for extra paperworkStreamline your paperless HR processes by initiating a workflow for employees to log in to update them for you. 

A Unique HR Portal for Effective Communication

Effective employee communication is essential for the success of an organization. One thing that hold companies back from communicating is a lack of a platform to share information on. The HR department can easily inform employees of the latest company news on the PeopleSpheres HR portal: share new HR policies, communicate changes to the employee handbook, publish information about open enrollment or announce the arrival of new employee. Make your HR portal the single point of access to facilitate the daily work of all employees and the integration of your new hires 

Do you have different locations or entities within your organizationPeopleSpheres adapts: it is multilingual and lets you manage your communication for each location. 

An HR Portal that Promotes Productivity and Collaboration

Every single employee including ourselves strive for a productive work life. Knowing where to go to find information is the first step in a productive work life, and this is what our solution provides. For employees, accessing a company directory from the HR portal allows them to easily find and contact your colleagues when needed. The employee email address, work phone number, department, and job title are visible for quick and easy contact. For HR professionals, editing the staff register is intuitive and can be done in just a few clicks. 

What is an HR portal?

An HR portal is a centralized digital platform that serves as a hub for various HR functions within an organization. It is designed to streamline HR processes, enhance communication, and provide employees and HR professionals with easy access to essential HR tools and information. The PeopleSpheres HR portal provides access to all the tools your organization uses, making HR management more efficient and user-friendly.

What should an HR portal have?

An effective HR portal should include a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to meet the diverse needs of HR professionals, managers, and employees. The PeopleSpheres HR portal provides:

  • Employee self-service
  • Document manager
  • Document generator
  • Employee Directory
  • Workflows
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Action center
  • High-standard data security and compliance
  • Instant integration capabilities 
  • Mobile accessibility

And more…

Is the HR portal available on mobile?

Yes, any well-designed HR portal should be mobile-responsive, allowing users to access the portal from their smartphones or tablets. Mobile accessibility is an essential capability built into the PeopleSpheres platform to provide flexibility and convenience for employees and managers who may need to perform HR-related tasks while on the go. Employees can log in on their phone to check their pay stubs, request PTO and more.

How do you implement an HR portal with PeopleSpheres?

Implementing an HR portal at PeopleSpheres involves a structured process to ensure a seamless transition to the new system. Here are the general steps:

> Step 1: Assess your needs

We work with you to select the HR tools that best fit your needs. Whether that’s a payroll system or a performance management tool, we have your back in getting you what works best for you organization.

> Step 2: Connect your tools to the platform

PeopleSpheres becomes your central HR portal to access all the HR tools you’ve selected for your organization through SSO. With pre-built connectors, we can integrate your tools in no time so that your data flows freely from your existing systems to one centralized system of record.

> Step 3: Customize your portal 

You can personalize the employee experience with widgets and branding to ensure that each employee has access to the relevant information and feels like part of the company. You are also able to secure certain sensitive information through role-based permissions, allowing people to see only the information that pertains to them.

How do I log in to PeopleSpheres?

Already a PeopleSpheres user? You can log in here.

If it’s your first time logging in to PeopleSpheres or you’ve forgotten your password, use the Forgot Password link to set up or reset your password.

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What they say about us

Jenna PIGNEROL HR Director

“At the time of the launch, we made the choice to work with a time management vendor that did not work. Extremely quickly, PeopleSpheres found a solution that was suitable for us the client and the service provider. Very quickly, new demos started with new partners. Very powerful freedom and flexibility!”

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