The PeopleSpheres platform is your system of record

Access all your HR data from a single database

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Centralize your Data

You have the freedom to connect the HR tools that best suit your business. Data from each system will be centralized in one system of record.

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One Source of Truth

All your data is automatically synced to your centralized HR platform. You can rely on accurate data at all times for your reporting and analytics needs.

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Historical Data Auditing

Changes to employee records happen throughout the day. You can access any historical data record and track it back to the source of the change.

Put HR Analytics at the Heart of your HR Operations

The PeopleSpheres integrated data hub is a database that simplifies your data management by keeping all your connected systems in sync in real time. When everything is in one place and easy to access, gaining power insights about your workforce is easier than ever. Your payroll data is in the same database as your learning and development data and performance management data. This way reporting and analytics can have a greater impact on your HR operations.


Support a Data-Driven HR Department

HR data plays an important role in shaping strategic human resources decisions. When it comes to your employees, decisions should not be taken lightly. That is why having a trustworthy database that always displays the most up-to-date changes is crucial. The basis for every effective HR strategy is reliable and accurate data.

With the PeopleSpheres solution, you can validate your data by putting approval workflows in place and accessing historical data to analyze workplace trends. By looking at the trends, you can predict and foresee future situations before they happen. When your data is accessible and reliable, your HR department can stay one step ahead of the game.

An HR Platform to Shape your Digital Transformation

An HR technology strategy is a key part of the overall digital transformation journey. At PeopleSpheres, we want to go on this journey with you by providing a central and trustworthy HR database to serve as your system of record. When changes are made in any of your HR software, it syncs the data back to your PeopleSpheres portal. At the same time, you can make changes directly in the PeopleSpheres platform which will sync to the original source.

A Customizable HR Database

We recognize that your organization is unique and has specific requirements when it comes to data. With PeopleSpheres, you have the flexibility to decide what HR data you want to collect and store in your database. No need for external spreadsheets to keep track of additional information that has no place in your HCM suite.

Everything, including your current spreadsheets, can be integrated into the PeopleSpheres platform. Our solution is equipped with customizable fields built into a unified employee profile. Not only is the data from all your systems synced, you can also add additional data points as you see fit.

What is a System of Record?

A system of record is the primary database where you go to look for information. In this case, it is considered the authoritative data source for all your data related to certain business processes. A system of record is created by taking output data from various systems and processing it into a central source. This can include data from an HRIS, ERP, CRM and beyond. The purpose of the PeopleSpheres is to take all your disparate databases and integrate them into a scalable, cloud-based platform so that you can address all of your business needs from one place.

The HR Database for HR Analysts

HR analysts and other data consumers are important stakeholders to consider when developing a business intelligence strategy. When it comes to data, the most important factor is being able to trust the data you see. Misalignments between data stems from the use of multiple sources of data. This can be caused by errors in data entry, differences in timing for updating various systems, or simply the nature of the data collected across different systems. With a system of record approach, the integrity and validity of your data becomes the trustworthy source of information.

The PeopleSpheres solution aggregates all your data from various vendors and management systems using integrations and smart connectors. It’s the same as connected all your data to a data warehouse, except now you have a customizable user interface where you can carry out your HR processes. At this point you have your master data with which you can begin to report, analyze and visualize your data using dashboards. With a system of record, you can take your HR and people analytics to the next level.

Small businesses as well as large enterprises are adopting more and more HR management software and tools. Integrating them all with the PeopleSpheres solution improves data quality, streamlines business operations and makes it easier to track important metrics across all functions. This also means you can break down the silos among your various locations and operate as a centralized HR department.

Reduce Employee-Related Costs

Many businesses are turning to big data in order to gain actionable insights about all of their business processes from operations to supply chain to their most valuable asset: human capital. Having a reliable system of record that allows you to better manage your data and track meaningful metrics that can have a significant impact on profitability. Thanks to data consolidation, leveraging analytics can help you make decisions that streamline business processes and reduce employee related costs. As a result, you can keep your financials in check and measure the ROI of your HR solutions.

Here are a few examples of how a centralized system of record that integrates all your tools and data enables you to reduce costs:

  • Streamline critical processes such as training and onboarding to avoid turnover costs
  • Have better control over labor costs and avoid unnecessary turnover with an integrated planning software.
  • Optimize your training program by only investing in training that results in proven ROI

An Enhanced Employee Experience

As the SaaS market continues to grow, employers are adopting more HR technology than ever before. As a result, change management can become a real challenge. Instead of taking your employees through several implementations, the PeopleSpheres platform is the only management solution your workforce needs.

PeopleSpheres is more than a data warehouse to consolidate your business data, it’s an employee-centric HR platform that can automate and simplify many administrative tasks. From HR workflows to employee self-service capabilities, PeopleSpheres can become your end-to-end HR system of record. This solution was developed with the employee experience in mind.  Customization and unlimited integrations allow you to manage the entire employee lifecycle from one place whether it’s recruiting, onboarding, performance management or beyond.

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“The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier.”

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