Leave & Absence

Automate leave management.

Automate leave management

Our Leave & Absence module allows you to automate your leave request management: you receive an automatic alert as soon as an employee makes a leave request. You can validate or reject this request in one click. It is also possible to add a comment or an attachment if necessary. Of course, all types of leave and absence can be taken into account: paid holiday, sick leave, parental leave etc. Check the absenteeism rate in your company through the reports, statuses and dashboards that are generated automatically with your data.

Leave management

Be up-to-date with your obligations

There are many regulations regarding the management of leave and absence. Our Leave & Absence module respects the various collective agreements and legal constraints: you no longer need to worry about regulations – we do it for you! You can easily record the different employee leave requests and set up different levels of validation: for example, you can assign rights to your managers to validate leave before it is validated by HR.


Equip your managers

Make team and leave management easier for your managers! They can validate or refuse an employee leave request in one click. Our Leave and Absence module allows managers to view their teams’ planning and record of absence. They can also complete requests for the leave or absence of their team members via the mobile application. Managers can authorize another employee to validate leave if they themselves are absent.

Equip managers

Make leave requests easier

Simplify leave requests for your employees: with our Leave & Absence module and application, leave request processes are made easier. Every employee has access to his leave balance and can thus better visualize and estimate his next time off. Employees also have access to the team’s planning at all times in order to better organize themselves and plan for different tasks or assignments during absences. Employees receive a notification e-mail of all validated or refused leave requests.

Leave & Absence module

Improve your HR management

The Leave & Absence module will save you time and improve the efficiency of your HR department. It will help you to prevent mistakes and guide you in the management of leave and absence. You no longer need to worry about regulations as our module is continuously updated to comply with legal requirements. All our modules can be interconnected: it is therefore possible to export data directly from the Leave & Absence module to the payroll module, for example, in order to facilitate payroll management.

Bec temoignage - HR software

“The HR Portal tool made it much easier for our employees to take time off and facilitated the life of the HR department in general. We are an engineering company and the software allows our employees to have personalized remote access, from the customer site, to their leave account, and we avoid keeping tedious tables.”

témoignage sirh peoplespheres
Aude Amarrurtu HR Manager

“The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier.”

Human Resources Manager - 51 employees
Valérie Thiesset HR Manager

“PeopleSpheres was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt, and that makes everyday life much easier. Our company runs much more smoothly and efficiently.”

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