HR software that connects your tools and streamlines your administrative processes

Centralize your HR management and refocus on your core business.

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Connect as much HR software as you want

PeopleSpheres connects all of your existing HR software, or those offered in the Store, to create a unified, intelligent and easy-to-use software environment. One password to access all your HR management!

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Simplify staff administration and your HR management

All your HR data is synchronized and interconnected. Get access to analytics to better understand your structure and make the best strategic decisions.

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Reduce your heavy processes and innovate

Receive notifications, carry out all actions from your HR software, and automate them with workflows. You can thus reduce the number of clicks and lengthy procedures to focus on your most important tasks.

Connect your HR tools with powerful smart-connectors

Our smart connectors allow data from your HR tools to communicate with the PeopleSpheres HR platform, all while taking the user experience into account. You can connect as many smart connectors as you want to the PeopleSpheres platform. These smart connectors will simplify your daily life and your HR tasks, but also improve the employee experience throughout your HR ecosystem. Each of our smart connectors is composed of 5 dimensions:  

  • Data synchronization
  • Notification and action center
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Customizable widgets 
  • Cross-software workflows

As an HR professional, you don’t need to ask your IT department to deploy smart connectors in your organization, PeopleSpheres takes care of all the configuration and maintenance.  

PeopleSpheres gives you the freedom to choose

Our smart connectors allow data from your HR tools to communicate with the PeopleSpheres HR platform, all while taking the user experience into account. Avoid vendor lock-in with our customer-driven ecosystem. You can connect as many smart connectors as you want to the PeopleSpheres platform. These smart connectors will simplify your daily life and your HR tasks, but also improve the employee experience throughout your HR ecosystem.

Thanks to PeopleSpheres smart-connectors, you can connect all your software. Every action completed in one HR system is automatically incorporated into your entire HR ecosystem. If you remove information from one system, that data is immediately removed from all of your software.

The smart-connector: technology that is easy to implement

The smart-connector also incorporates the user experience, unlike data-connectors which only synchronize data. Besides being an efficient tool that provides efficiency, it will also save you a considerable amount of time to put in place.

Unlike a data connector, a smart connector doesn’t need to be coded, only configured. In addition, you will benefit from regular product updates as opposed to with data connectors.

As an HR professional, you don’t need to ask your IT department to deploy smart connectors in your organization, PeopleSpheres takes care of all the configuration and maintenance.

The composition of a smart-connector:

Each of our smart connectors is composed of 5 dimensions:

Data in/ Data out: a flow of data that feeds the database and that allows data to be pulled instantly. The objective is to have data constantly available on the PeopleSpheres platform and to never need to sign into another system to access information.

Notification and action center: process where an action comes from a third-party software and is fed into the PeopleSpheres environment. Its purpose it to send a notification or an action item to complete on the PeopleSpheres platform when an event occurs in one of the HR systems.

Single Sign On (SSO): log in and password data flows from PeopleSpheres platform to other systems. The goal is to allow the user to sign-in to all of their systems using a single set of credentials.

Customizable widgets: enables the HR manager to configure a widget on the PeopleSpheres platform in order to meet a specific need. Its purpose is to show relevant information on the platform (new hire announcements, dashboards, the local weather, etc.) depending on the role of the employee in the company.

Cross-software workflows: the ability to create a sequence of actions across your different HR software. The objective is to trigger an action in the HRIS so that an event automatically takes place in another software or on the PeopleSpheres platform.

More than just an HR software, it is an open solution

PeopleSpheres is able to connect any software on the market. The aim is to allow you to select the best solutions on the market that best fit your business needs.

Already satisfied with your HR software? You have the ability to simply connect existing software. The PeopleSpheres platform is flexible.

You will no longer be locked into a single solution, but free to choose the solutions you prefer while accessing them via a single portal and with a single password.

Beyond HR, PeopleSpheres is able to connect other software as well (CRM, ERP, etc.).

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The PeopleSpheres HR Platform

PeopleSpheres was mainly created to fix a huge pain in the HR department:

Pain: Many have already realized the need to digitalize their HR processes. With the accelerated advancement of new technologies, SaaS software vendors have not stopped improving their tools, very often only specialized for one function. As a result, HR professionals took the advantage of the strong SaaS market and decided to equip their HR department with the best HR tools for each function (recruitment, training, payroll, leave & absence). However, each HR software is separate and disconnected and non-connected, forcing users to manage different usernames and passwords. This lack of connectivity poses a major problem for HR professionals who wish to manage their human capital in one place. Realizing that a huge part of their time is wasted with paper-based work and juggling different Excel sheets, HR professionals feel the need to connect and obtain a unified solution.

Gain: Use our platform, and you will be able to connect all your existing HR software and add as many new ones as possible! Each of your collaborators will have a personal account to log into the PeopleSpheres Platform and get access to all their HR tools (Payroll, Performance, Recruiting, Expense, etc). Connect all your best SaaS HR tools, and synchronize all the data to create a unified PaaS platform. You only need one set of log in credentials. No more constant switching between your different HR systems and mixing up your passwords.

With our HRIS Paas (Platform as A Service) solution you enter your data only once, and it’s transferred instantly to all your HR software! You don’t need to re-enter HR data in several tools! HR professionals seize all the information they want from just a single platform instead of having to go through all your HR softwares. By automating and synchronizing all your HR software, you can save up to 10 hours.

A revolutionary solution for optimized workforce management.

Note: PeopleSpheres’s solution shows great flexibility and scalability and is capable of adapting to unique business needs and mostly works with mid-sized and large companies.

Main takeaways:

1. You can centralize all your HR data
2. Connect all your existing HR software even if they’re from different vendors!
3. Manage all your HR functions from a single platform.

Nowadays, it is essential to anticipate digital transformation and to centralize and automate all of your HRM (human resources management). PeopleSpheres offers an HR management platform that allows you to collect administrative information about each employee in the company: payroll, recruitment, termination, training, employment contracts, hours worked, compensation, personal information, etc.

The HR platform is a way to centralize HR management: talent management, legal information, compensation management, skills management, internal communication, etc. Thus, our tool allows for better monitoring of career management.

Implementing an HR platform is a strategic decision taken by the HR department. This HR platform is a tool that enables automation of administrative tasks and therefore improves the productivity of the HR function. Whether it be time management, payroll administration, expense management, leave and absence management or even career management, our HR solution allows you to automate your entire HRM.

PeopleSpheres centralizes and synchronizes all the HR data from your various software into an HR portal in order to simplify your HR management processes. From a unified employee profile, each employee can make a training request, view dashboards, access their pay slips and expense reports, receive alerts and notifications, etc. Our HR platform improves the employee experience and therefore, your employer brand. The PeopleSpheres HR platform is an HR management tool designed to simplify the daily lives of everyone in the organization. PeopleSpheres offers HR managers and the HR department a tool to manage all HR processes from a single platform.

PeopleSpheres is your action and notification center. Have vacation to approve? Interview processes to launch? You are notified by email, on the mobile application as well as on the platform. You can then carry out all of your HR tasks directly on your HR platform using workflows and triggers that you can customize according to your needs. A very easy and intuitive solution, PeopleSpheres also offers you the possibility to create and manage teams according to static or dynamic criteria. PeopleSpheres is an HR software that does not require any technical skills to use.

PeopleSpheres offers you a powerful analysis tool to support all your HR management procedures. No need to search for information, it comes to you. PeopleSpheres accesses all your HR data, synchronizes it and then complies it to give you a 360° view of your HR functions. Discover unexpected relationships and trends between data points that will make all the difference in your HR management.

Our solution is adapted to the specific needs and size of each organization, where it be small and medium-sized businesses or large companies. Our HR management solution is really a tool for improving human capital management that adapts to the digital transformation strategy of businesses. The digitalization of the human resources department promotes the employer brand of your company.

The PeopleSpheres HR platform is a flexible and scalable solution. An HR department can decide to connect their most important HR tools and gradually add others.

An Employee Experience Platform

Connectivity between HR systems allows for a collaborative platform. At PeopleSpheres, the user experience is a priority.

Saving time, encouraging collaboration, improving the quality of work life, increasing productivity are a result of a high preforming employee experience platform.

At PeopleSpheres, we take into account the various needs of our customers. This is why the HR platform is completely customizable. It is an HR tool with high added value. With single sign-on (SSO), an employee will have access to all these HR modules in a single portal. They will therefore be able to complete training courses, respond to performance evaluations, fill out forms, access their HR dashboard and monitor the progress towards meeting their objectives.

In addition, the self-service option leaves room for greater autonomy, encouraging employees to manage their data themselves (address, bank details, etc.).

Thus, the PeopleSpheres solution aims to improve internal communication, strengthen the feeling of belonging and loyalty, ultimately improving employee retention.

Advantages for the HR Department

With human resource management software like PeopleSpheres, the HR department can manage its admin (HR payroll, time & attendance, etc.) and talent (performance management, employee training, etc.) in one place. The implementation of these management tools takes human capital management to a whole new level. HR professionals equipped with an HRIS reach high efficiency and organizational skills with paperless processes.

The unified PeopleSpheres platform is specifically designed to facilitate human resources management by streamlining time consuming tasks.

  • Optimize your recruitment process: Deal with internal and external candidates efficiently while improving your employer brand.
  • Facilitate onboarding practices: When a new employee is hired, it is crucial to leave a good impression and make them feel comfortable the minute they step into the organization. The recruit will be given a personal account to enter the platform. Directly from the platform, in his action center, the new employee will be able to consult and familiarize himself with all the company-related documents and hr policies valued by the company.
  • Manage your recruitment online: with an applicant tracking system, HR professionals can effectively manage the talent acquisition process. Process internal and external applications efficiently while improving the employer brand. With an HRIS system, the information of selected and accepted candidates will be automatically converted into an employee profile.
  • Competency management: with an HRIS, managing your human capital has never been easier. Prepare and schedule an annual interview with your employee. Prepare the format and the questions and send them directly from the platform to the employee’s personal portal. Performance evaluation is crucial to get a clear insight into your HR department’s talent management effectiveness. Finally, the HR manager is equipped with a tracking system that shows if the annual review was started by the employee, in the process of completion, or not yet started.
  • Create HR dashboards: monitor the evolution of your workforce. PeopleSpheres offers you dynamic HR dashboards that update automatically. Customize, filter, pull information from your different HR tools. With an integrated HR dashboard, data comes from multiple sources enabling an analysis of interesting employee KPIs.
  • Focus on more added-value activities: administrative tasks can be time-consuming. No HR manager today wants to come to their desk and see a pile of paperwork. HR technology has revolutionized work methods. With an employee self-service at the disposal of each team member, HR professionals can trust their employees to participate and take action in entering data their data. Delegating data entry allows HR professionals to focus on bigger HR issues.
  • Manage access rights: decide and modify at any time who can have access to what, according to their role and level of responsibility. You can also provide employees access to additional features gradually.
  • Create document templates: create an infinite number of documents, access multiple templates and add conditions for each one.
  • Improve your internal communication: conduct satisfaction surveys, invite your employees to add suggestions to the idea box. Communicate company announcements and news with custom widgets.
  • Run surveys and collect feedback: Aren’t you curious to know the level of employee satisfaction? With PeopleSpheres’s human resource information system create your own surveys online, send them automatically to each employee who will receive them in their personal portal. Collect feedback from multiple users; get a good insight into the quality of work-life in your company.
  • A unified employee profile is one of the most valuable benefits that a human resources management system could bring. HR professionals were fed up with searching employee records on each of their SaaS software. Now, thanks to an HR system that merges all employee data in one place, HR executives have everything they need to know about an employee in one place.



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Céline LETERME HR Manager - 70 employees

“PeopleSpheres is an SaaS tool that is very easy to install. It is a real added value for the company, it saves time for the HR teams, and facilitates exchanges with the Managers thanks to the workflow system.”

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