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PeopleSpheres Cloud HR Platform

Our cloud-based HR solution provides a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model on which you can integrate all the tools that your HR department uses on a daily basis. PeopleSpheres is not like other HR solutions. It does not require replacing your existing HR technology but rather offers a solution to centralize all your tools and HR software into one place. This allows you to manage your workforce through the entire employee lifecycle in an efficient manner.

Day-to-day tasks are centralized and even automated in the HR platform so that administration becomes simplified. Not only does this help standardize and formally document your HR processes, but you are also left with more time to develop your workforce and focus on strategic HR initiatives.

The PeopleSpheres HR platform provides an easy-to-use portal for both HR teams and employees to seamlessly navigate from one software to another and access HR services from anywhere and anytime from a desktop or mobile device. The platform also provides tools such as a suggestion box and survey tools that help to facilitate collaboration between employees which in turn fosters an engaged employee culture.

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HR Management Made Simple

In today’s digital world, it’s no longer necessary to manage your HR processes on an Excel spreadsheet. Manual processes are cumbersome, take up a lot of time, are prone to errors, and often provide out-of-date information. With a centralized HR platform in place, HR professionals can automate and streamline and simplify their human resource management tasks.

The real-time notification center ensures that your team doesn’t miss important milestones and deadlines such as completing a performance appraisal or reviewing a new applicant in your recruitment tool. Automated workflows can also be built to allow for seamless employee management and proper approval processes. Because all your systems are centralized on a single platform, your workflows can span across various HR functions like talent management, time and attendance, performance management, payroll, and recruiting.


An Employee Experience Platform (EXP)

The PeopleSpheres solution leverages an open architecture approach to create an HR platform that is geared towards the employee experience. Through smart-connectors, this solution can ensure connectivity between all your HR systems in a single, simple, and user-friendly platformThus, the EXP (Employee Experience Platform) plays a key role in HR management and employee engagement by promoting employees’ well-being in the workplace. 

Having a connected EXP in place not only simplifies processes for the employees through cross-application automation but also empowers them to take control of their personal information and quality of life in the workplace. 

With centralized automation, there is no confusion for employees when it comes to knowing where or when to complete onboarding paperwork, request timeoff, or write a performance review. The employee experience is consistent. Everything is accessible in a few clicks and a digital assistant is available to guide them to exactly what they need from the first step of their onboarding to the last step of the offboarding process 


Centralized Data for Powerful Insights

Having all your HR data centralized on one platform means that you can rely on your HR system as a single source of truth. By avoiding duplicate data entry into several software, you can save time as well as reduce the risk of human error. Additionally, data validation and features and approval workflows are available to reduce data inaccuracy. 

The PeopleSpheres solution brings all your data into a single HR database so that you can take advantage of HR analytics and gain powerful insights into your human capital. This is difficult to achieve with fractured data coming from disparate systems. 

With the included HR reporting tool aggregating all data into a centralized database, you can easily create a meaningful dashboard and compelling visualizations that measure the most important HR metrics and KPIs. As an HR manager, able to monitor these metrics means you have a better understanding of your company’s overall performance. Enhanced visibility and control of your data can help your company develop data-driven management solutions to improve employee productivity and increase employee retention.

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Customized to Fit your Business Needs

Your organization is unique, which means that your solution should be too. With the PeopleSpheres HR platform, you have the flexibility to choose the management systems that most closely meet the needs of your business and your team. You can benefit from a centralized HRIS (human resources management system) while still keeping your existing HR tools and digitalizing your currently manual processes. We can connect any human resources management software from applicant tracking systems, learning management, and HR payroll software.

The platform can be customized to comply with the requirements of multiple countries or entities within your organization, no matter how complex. Configurable fields let you collect any data you need for your business processes. Additionally, a customizable platform allows you to put role-based security in place to ensure that each team member has access only to exactly what they need to do their job on a daily basis. At the same time, you can be assured that all employee data and sensitive information is secure.

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