A seamless onboarding and offboarding process every time

Deliver a positive employee journey from beginning to end

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An improved new hire experience

Welcome new hires to the team by familiarizing them with the company and providing them with everything they need to hit the ground running. Employees who are better prepared for success are more likely to stick around.


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Long-lasting employee engagement

Build trust and support with employees from the very first to the very last step of the employee journey. An effective onboarding/offboarding experience can lead to a strong sense of connection to the organization.

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Upgrade your HR management

Say goodbye to time consuming, manual processes. Tech-driven automation eliminates the need for paperwork, duplicate data entry and other repetitive tasks. You can free up more time for meaningful HR initiatives. Focus on providing real ROI with this cloud-based solution.


Streamlined Tasks

Starting a new job can often be a bit intimidating. With a thoughtful and easy onboarding process, it doesn’t need to be. With a centralized HR platform, you can easily provide everything you need to share with a new hire even before their first day. This includes documents to fill, personal information that they need to provide and any welcome materials to get them acclimated to the organization. You are also able to reduce repetitive administrative tasks and reinforce compliance. At the same time you can establish more transparency and collaboration among employees, managers and HR.

Communication Tool

Manage the beginning of employee lifecycle from recruitment to their final day in the company.

Even before day one, you can provide welcome communication, information on benefits and materials to familiarize them with your company. You can seamlessly transition from onboarding to the training portion of the employee journey which can extend past their first day of work.

Training & Feedback

Stay connected with employees throughout the first months in their position. Provide all the necessary training, certifications, feedback surveys and follow ups with their managers. With all your HR tools centralized into a single platform, every element of the onboarding process can be efficiently and thoughtfully carried out every time you welcome a new team member to the organization.



Electronic Documents & Workflows

The offboarding process can be automated so that everyone receives the necessary information for a smooth transition out of the company. You can facilitate the completion of offboarding forms by initiating workflows and processes through a centralized system. It is easy to distribute all relevant offboarding documents and information in just a few clicks. Other team members across different departments can also be notified to take necessary steps for offboarding an employee.

Consistent Procedure

It is important to make sure that all exiting employees leave the organization with a positive experience. Consistency should not fluctuate from one employee to another. Making offboarding a seamless process is one way you can ensure a smooth exit every time.

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Meet Employee Expectations

Onboarding and offboarding are not a one day events. Establishing employee commitment requires consistent and thoughtful processes to be put in place. Employees who feel engaged and positive about their on/offboarding experience can turn into advocates for your organization.  The PeopleSpheres platform capabilities can help you achieve this.

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Online Security

Confidentiality is an important part of the everyday life of an HR professional. At PeopleSpheres, the safety of sensitive information is a priority. Employees’ personal information is kept fully safe and secure. HR can stop receiving confidential information by email since employees are prompted to enter all of their information directly into the secure platform.


Return on Investment

Onboarding and offboarding employees can be time consuming without the proper system in place. With the capabilities of PeopleSpheres platform, you can reduce onboarding and offboarding costs by processing and distributing information more efficiently. Expect to gain time back into your day to be more productive. At the same time you can be rest assured that you are giving employees the best experience possible at the most critical parts of their employee lifecycle.

Employee onboarding automation

Welcoming a new employee to the company should be smooth sailing from the beginning. Onboard newcomers with ease and bring them up-to-speed during the onboarding process. An automated process is possible with the PeopleSpheres platform integrating all your software for an enhanced employee experience and leave new hires with a good first impression.

Everyone involved in the process including the hiring manager, the HR manger, the new hire and their new supervisor or a mentor can get everything they need from one place. It all starts with a unified employee profile which only needs to be created one time in one system. From this profile, employees or HR personnel can complete and manage information. This starts as part of the onboarding process and throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Here are some functions that you can automate and streamline in your onboarding program:

  • Review the offer letter
  • Data flows over from applicant tracking system
  • Monitor progress of completed tasks
  • Automate communications
  • Create approval processes
  • Enroll in company benefits
  • Reduce errors and ensure compliance
  • Employees provide their information directly
  • Provide the employee handbook
  • Manage a large volume of new hires at once
  • Collect feedback on the onboarding experience

Employee offboarding automation

Sending employees off should be intuitive and administratively painless. With PeopleSpheres workflows, users can set up a termination approval workflow to ensure that no steps are overlooked. HR professionals and payroll teams are not the only ones who are involved in the termination procedures. With a workflow, the system communicates key steps to the appropriate team members and reminds them to execute each step in a timely manner.

The offboarding process is customizable to your organization’s needs and best practices. The platform’s functionality can automate and digitalize procedures such as:

  • Complete and send required documents
  • Provide final pay summaries
  • Send COBRA insurance information
  • Disable direct deposit accounts
  • Create a termination approval workflow
  • Communicate the employee’s departure with others

Remote Onboarding

Leverage HR technology to simplify onboarding new employees. To find top talent, your hiring process likely expands across multiple locations. Organizations are also becoming more flexible about remote work. For this reason it is critical that your onboarding process can be done electronically from a distance. At the same time, you can focus on keeping the human touch and introducing the company culture to each newcomer.

Onboard from a distance by:

  • Sending automated communications at each step
  • Switching to paperless documents
  • Collecting electronic signatures
  • Employees input their information independently

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