Automating your HR help desk with a digital assistant

Enrich the employee experience by providing 24-hour support

Extend your HR expertise beyond office hours

Be there for employees when it matters most

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Free up your HR teams with automation

Providing a digital assistant to employees can dramatically reduce the call volume and the number of ticket submissions to HR. The assistant can answer the most commonly asked questions that HR get every day. Focusing less on answering the same questions over and over again can free up your HR team to better manage their workforce.  

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Better understand employee needs

Many HR professionals spend time responding to questions via phone or email. By directing all questions and HR requests through an easy-to-use digital assistance tool, you can gain better visibility to employees’ most pressing needs without all the paperwork.  

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Focus on meaningful interactions

By automating the task of guiding employees step by step through the system, the digital assistant allows HR teams to focus on more important matters. Instead of spending time filling out fields, you can be focusing on having meaningful conversations and interactions with employees on daily basis.  

Enhance the employee experience with immediate support

No more long ticketing processes, the digital assistant is here to help


Increase employee satisfaction

The digital assistant makes employees’ lives easier by walking them through all the key processes they need. It can walk them through step-by-step how to update their personal information or find an HR document or request time-off. Spending less time trying to navigate the system makes for a more seamless and positive experience for employees.  


Improve productivity

Accessing HR help from any time and any place is made possible. The digital assistant is available from a desktop and mobile device to meet employees wherever they are. This allows both employees and managers to experience more productivity during their day. Employees can spend less time waiting for HR to respond to emails or return calls. 


Getting HR help is made easy

PeopleSpheres leverages artificial intelligence to bring a digital assistant to your workforce that is always one touch away. It can answer questions, provide step by step and on-screen guides, walk employees through processes and resolves issues. Employees can access HR expertise from wherever they are: at their desk, at home or on the go.  

Helping you to make the most of your time

Are you spending hours per week resetting passwords and walking employees through the self-service HR requests? Are you unable to prioritize business needs because of non-stop incoming queries to your ticketing system inbox?  Many administrative tasks and repetitive questions can now be automated via the integrated digital assistant and live-chat feature. This means less time spent on calls and answering the same questions that are asked on a daily basis. Also, less time is required to gather information and creating tickets to resolve issues. Shift your attention away from the repetitive administrative tasks and towards making a positive impact. 

End users can follow on-screen guides and contact HR directly via a chatbot to ask a question. As an HR professional, automating the administrative part of your job as much as possible means that you can now make the most out of your time. Spend your time on meaningful initiatives such as employee development and strategic HR management.  

Simplify your HR processes with automation

Streamline complex workflows by guiding employees through the required actions for each step.  To do this, you can use the documented knowledge resources that already exist in your organization. Employees now no longer need to search a database for work instructions or guides to find what they need. They can get immediate answers directly from the integrated digital assistant. Integrate your HR systems into PeopleSpheres and automate your HR helpdesk with a centralized portal. 

Not only does this make it easier for employees to get the assistance they need when they need it, it also reduces the burden on the HR department. Your HR team cannot be everywhere at the same time. With a real-time, intuitive digital support system, it is easier to manage employees’ needs across multiple locations and time zones.  

Customizable to reflect your workforce needs

The digital assistant tool can be customized to meet your workforce and HR team needs. The best part is that it’s easy to get it up and running. You can load the answers to your employees’ FAQs and provide the information that is most pertinent to them. You can also adapt the conversation and messages to match the tone and culture of your company.  

Continuously improving the digital assistant means continuing to enhance the employee experience. As time goes on and you learn more about what your employees’s needs, you can continue to update and add to the knowledge base of your digital assistant. The ability to update and customize the digital assistant to meet the specific needs of your workforce encourages employees to more readily adopt it into the workplace.  


The PeopleSpheres Solution

With its PaaS (platform-as-a-service) cloud-based solution, PeopleSpheres can centralize all your existing management software into a single platform. However, there is no need to bring a help desk software for HR problem management. This is already a built-in solution in the PeopleSpheres user interface. From an end user perspective, the HR service level will dramatically improve while HR administrators enjoy easier issue tracking and seamlessly being able to answer any and all inquiries. 

Logging into one system to get access to the HR support desk saves employees time and they do not have to wait for their managers to escalate their questions and requests to HR. They can be proactive and get what they need in one click using the chatbot. Say goodbye to your old ticking solution and hello to easy, remote support. 

Why the PeopleSpheres digital assistant?

Sometimes it’s not enough to have a self-service portal for employees. Sometimes they still need help navigating and utilizing the tool.  Just like customer satisfaction and customer support is important to your business, employee satisfaction can also make all the difference in the world when it comes to the success of your business. In many organizations, it’s up to the human resources team to point employees to the right place. But that does not mean their workload should increase. 

HR software often have ticketing systems and even chatbots to help employees through the employee self-service and other tools in their HR solutions. PeopleSpheres can combine all of the chatbot questions from your various software (time and attendance, performance management, workforce management, payroll, learning management etc,) into one digital assistant on the PeopleSpheres platformSetting up the digital assistant is easy because your HR functions already have all the knowledgebase and our scalable solution can support any customization you need.  Your HR chatbot becomes your single point of contact instead of the HR manager, so they can focus on more important tasks.  

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