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Remp'Up through PeopleSpheres

Remp’up (Perf&RemConseil)


Why buy RemP'Up (Perf & Rem Conseil) through PeopleSpheres?

✓ A single point of contact for your tools (implementation, account manager, support, etc.)
✓ A single contract and invoice for all your tools
✓ A single login interface with one ID/password
✓ Maintenance ensured on the connectors
✓ Data centralization in one place / Single entry
✓ Application price identical to the price offered directly by the publisher, no extra cost

If you already have a RemP’Up contract, you have the option to purchase the “RemP’Up <> PeopleSpheres” connector and thus connect RemP’Up to your other tools through PeopleSpheres.


RemP’Up offers a SaaS solution designed by HR experts to meet specific needs in performance and compensation management. With its three distinct modules, this platform aims to link individual and collective performance to fair recognition. By efficiently automating administrative tasks, RemP’Up frees up valuable time for more strategic use of human resources. Its advanced features enable comprehensive management of interviews, salary increases, and bonuses, all while ensuring optimal adaptability for SMEs.


Key features of the RemP’up software:

  • Quick setup of campaigns in less than an hour.
  • Seamless integration of performance levels into compensation and bonus modules.
  • Data history over 5 years for in-depth analysis.
  • Precise control of salary increase budgets and payroll.
  • Dedicated reports for strategic management.
  • Complete customization of interviews and compensation processes.
  • Use of flexible salary increase matrices.
  • Integration of collective agreement salary grids.
  • Automatic calculation of bonuses and simulations for employees.
  • Automation of administrative tasks with automatic generation of letters and documents.


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What you get by using RemP’up through PeopleSpheres

By using RemP’Up, you gain access to a comprehensive and flexible solution for performance and compensation management, offering several key benefits.

Time and Efficiency Gains

Set up your campaigns in less than an hour and free your HR resources for more strategic tasks.

Adaptability and Ease of Use

With an intuitive interface and complete customization, RemP’Up integrates seamlessly into your existing environment.

Support at All Levels

Benefit from comprehensive support for management, HR, managers, and employees, promoting quick adoption and optimal use.

Development of Corporate Culture

Strengthen team cohesion and encourage a culture of feedback with user-friendly tools and simplified processes.

Digitalization and Automation of Processes

Simplify salary reviews and optimize budget management through effective and real-time automation.

With RemP’Up, developed by Perf & Rem Conseil, you benefit from a proven and tailored solution, backed by years of expertise in performance and compensation management.


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RemP’Up was designed by Perf & Rem Conseil. Since 2017, Perf & Rem Conseil has been assisting SMEs and mid-sized companies in structuring performance and compensation policies that align with their business challenges and culture.

Their observation? SMEs and mid-sized companies often have a lot to manage with payroll, personnel administration, recruitment, training, labor relations, and team support. This often leaves little room for Human Resources to structure and digitalize two major elements: performance and compensation policies.

Perf & Rem Conseil’s experience has shown that there are often difficulties in implementing an HRIS and that HR teams need considerable time to configure these systems. RemP’Up was born from the conviction of a quick setup, simplified use, and strong adaptability to companies and their processes.