Performance Management

Manage your employees’ goals and real-time progress and make sure to have the right talent doing the right work at the right time with our Core HR.

Control the company's goals

Manage annual employee reviews, professional interviews and get customized reviews with our Core HR. Set individual and collective goals, pilot dashboards and get a global overview of your company’s direction.

Company goals - employee reviews

Evaluate performance

Use assessment tools to measure individual performance and goals achievement. Manage interviews through customized reviews (annual interviews, disciplinary reviews), evaluate projects and missions thanks to dashboards and KPI at all levels.

Evaluate performance - assessment tools

Support your managers

Help managers align employee activities with organizational strategies and control performance with reviews and ongoing support. With this  Core HR module, combine social feedback and assessments thanks to the continuous interaction between team members, newcomers, managers and traditional evaluations. Develop operational goals: make goal setting easy and transparent with adapted tools to help employees and managers to align with operational goals.

Support managers - performance review

Reward the top performers

This module gives managers and employees the best global overview of their performance, contribution and growth potential. Combined with the Compensation module, create a strategy to reward high-performing employees.

Tasks targets - performance reviews

Upgrade your HR management

Get an ergonomic and paperless tool to manage performance. Enable hiring managers to save time in interviewing and increasing employee efficiency. Acknowledge employee achievement and progress with personal tracking and tasks valuation.

Upgrade HR management - manage performance

What can you achieve with a performance management module?

Build a skills assessment checklist


Set up a checklist that will allow you to track, evaluate and record your workforce skills in real time.

Manage performance check-ins


A performance management software allows you to easily manage several performance management check-ins: career planning, bi-annual reviews, annual evaluations, regular feedback check-ins, etc.

Personalize performance of evaluations & objectives


Using a performance management system, you can develop individual objectives for each employee based on reviews as well as objectives for the company as a whole. This allows you to prepare for a performance review more effectively.

Manage and monitor progress


Use a dashboard to visualize performance metrics and keep track of upcoming performance reviews for your teams.

Get regular feedback from managers and employees


Manage your employees’ objectives with continuous feedback, which will allows you to make improvements or leverage employees’ potential growth in the organization. The more frequent feedback is given and received, the more quickly teams can take action to improve.

Evaluate employees directly from the tool


All the essential information and questions are available on the platform and just have to be filled in. With just a few clicks, you can view your employee’s skills, their performance over the past year, their strengths, previous interviews, etc. This will allow you to prepare constructive feedback during scheduled check-ins and establish appropriate career development plan and long-term objectives.

Provide self-assessments to employees


Your employees can have the opportunity to answer different questions related to their own performance and progress towards their goals and objectives. This allows them to also reflect on how they wish to improve their performance and what they want to get out of their career with your organization.

Generate custom dashboards and reports


Once the performance reviews have been completed, the data can exported in to analytics tool in order analyze the results. Compare performance data with other HR data such as employee engagement measurements, absenteeism rates, etc. to get actionable insights about your workforce.

Human Resources Manager - 51 employees

“PeopleSpheres was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt, and that makes everyday life much easier. Our company runs much more smoothly and efficiently.”

Nicox - Core HR
Valentina Chiarelli HR Manager

“The quality of the software and its complementarity with its integrated partner services such as Legislative Editions or Assessfirst represents a real added value for my company. For me, data security was fundamental and all the certifications of PeopleSpheres meet my requirements perfectly.”

Aude Amarrurtu HR Manager

“The tool was operational as soon as it was installed and was quickly adopted by the whole company. It is a simple tool, easy to adapt and makes everyday life much easier.”

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