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How to choose your HR software?

The choice of HR software requires time for reflection and upstream preparation. To select “the” ideal software, many elements must be taken into account. First of all, everything will depend on the size of your business and your needs. It is strongly recommended to make a precise analysis of your needs.

What are you searching for? What is your budget ? Your deadlines? What will your terms be? Do you have an implementation team? How will you communicate this project to your employees? Once you have established this plan, the research period is added. Today, there are thousands of providers for HR software. Everything will depend on your needs established beforehand. Some are looking for rather simple software while other companies will be more meticulous in their choice, aiming for a more flexible tool with a strong capacity for customization. Finally, the crucial element remains the budget. If your budget is limited then it will be more difficult to obtain advanced and more advanced software.

Why invest in an HR platform?

The advent of the digital age has had a strong impact on the HR function. New flexibility constraints appear and the needs of the HR department must evolve at the same pace as the new needs of the company. An HR platform allows an employee to have a single HR portal, an automated self-service, autonomy in entering personal data, and also allows an HR manager to save time thanks to a complete digitalization of administrative management.

An HR department that decides to adopt such a system aims to obtain a global solution, which covers all HR processes. A platform, well thought out and designed, puts the end user first. The employee experience is crucial because it is the employees who will be the end users. Such tools will enable HR departments and employees to achieve operational excellence.

HR and EXP software: An optimized employee experience

It’s one thing to get better HR tools for each of your functions, it’s another thing to be able to connect your software from various vendors. For several years, the number of HR software vendors on the market has exploded. There are HR software publishers dedicated to administrative management such as: leave & absence software, payroll, expense reports, time management & planning or software dedicated to talent management such as training software, recruitment, remuneration, skills…

An Employee Experience Platform (EXP) is a powerful tool capable of connecting and synchronizing all the data coming from your multiple sources. All the software you have selected can be connected through the PeopleSpheres platform. EXP removes the onerous task of multiple entries of similar data into different HR tools. A platform that allows you to enter data only once, which will automatically be dispatched in your HR tools. An EXP will therefore allow employees to have a single point of entry for all their HR software used in the company.