Employee experience platform: what is it?

Today, we see more and more companies taking an interest in the employee experience, an element that is becoming just as important as the customer experience. Indeed, with the digital transformation and the spectacular boom of artificial intelligence, the employee experience is a trend that is accelerating, and that pushes companies to question their work organization.

The human aspect is at the heart of an employee experience platform. With an ergonomic UX and an intuitive UI, the employee experience platform aims at an optimized user experience. A “collaborative” platform can connect any HR software for a unified solution. It provides all employees with a single account and access to all their HR tools.

EXP: a new HR opportunity

We have experienced significant structural changes in all aspects of our society. The way we work is changing dramatically. Today, the incredible rise of data technology is capable of delivering powerful employee experiences. Technology tools are designed to bring greater connection, collaboration, and more efficient work execution.

Companies that want to maintain a competitive advantage must consider digitizing their HR processes at all costs. This is an opportunity to put an end to time-consuming, repetitive tasks so that the HR department can finally focus on higher-impact missions.

Employee experience platform: flexible and scalable

The Employee Experience Platform can connect all of your HR tools, even if they come from different vendors. This ability to synchronize and connect allows data to flow smoothly and efficiently from one software to another.

Your values and goals may change over time, so it’s crucial that you can adapt to these changes and the evolving needs of your employees. That’s why the employee experience platform takes precedence over all other types of HRIS solutions. Unlike other HR solutions (Best-Of-Breed, All-In-One) an employee experience platform is much more agile and adapts more easily to your unique needs. With unbeatable customization and flexibility, if one day you are no longer satisfied with one of your tools, your requirements have changed, or your employees are simply dissatisfied with one of your tools, you can switch softwares at any time. The PeopleSpheres team will implement and connect your new tool to your HR platform.


EXP: Employee Engagement and Retention

Employee engagement is a real challenge and a daily concern for managers. Every company dreams of a consistently high level of engagement. Engaged employees are employees who are encouraged, recognized, and supported throughout their careers within the organization.

The employee experience platform is based on the principle that every employee deserves to be encouraged in their career development. Collaboration and professional development are the priority, a real positive impact on the quality of life at work. With an employee experience platform, the feeling of belonging is quickly unanimous, and well-being at work is omnipresent. Employees are more confident, listened to, and more easily take part in the company’s project. Shared values for a strengthened corporate culture.

What does an employee experience platform contain?

With an employee experience platform, offer your employees the right working conditions so that they can be efficient in the execution of their tasks. The objective is to equip your employees with digitalized collaborative spaces that will make exchanges more fluid. Having the right tools facilitates the implementation of new ways of working and managing. Each feature of this platform will meet a real need. Real support for all employees. This HR platform can contain all your modules related to your administrative management, such as payroll software, leaves & absences, expense reports, time & activities, etc… And software related to talent management such as recruitment, training, interviews and objectives, skills, compensation. Finally, there are other functionalities: self-service, community, organization chart, chatbot, onboarding/offboarding tool, etc.


Different Roles, Different Usage

Common and unique features depending on the role

The employee platform

PeopleSpheres’ HR platform is designed to empower employees, give them control over their data entry, and push them to be more organized and informed in their work environment.

Via the platform, the employee can perform many actions:

  • Send personal change requests that make up his or her file (address, family situation, or any other information that can be modified by the employee) with the possibility of attaching the receipt
  • Consultation of various headings (timesheet, leave balances, etc.)
  • Availability of recruitment opportunities, possibility to apply and to follow up on an application and ask for feedback
  • Availability of the training catalog, review the training history, consultation of the scheduled sessions with calendar of the available places
  • Display of annual performance objectives and progression of status by the campaign (setting, review, validation)
  • Consult the organizational chart
  • Consult required skills for a job
  • Ask for help with a digital assistant 
  • Stay connected with a mobile device

The manager's platform

Thanks to an employee experience platform, managers become better coaches.

Via the platform, the manager can perform many actions:

– Validation of requests (for leave, training)

– Check their team’s skills

– Evaluation of their team

– KPI / Reporting associated with their team (absenteeism, performance monitoring, training history).

– Provide continuous feedback to their team

– Assign training

The HR executive's platform

With an employee experience platform, HR managers and HR assistants can finally manage their human capital efficiently.

Via the platform, the HR manager can perform many actions:

  • View an employee’s profile and have access to all their information from the various HR tools
  • Validate personal data updates
  • Receive and process requests
  • Manage the recruitment process

The PeopleSpheres HR platform

3 dimensions

Core HR dimension

The PeopleSpheres employee experience platform offers a unified Core HR with numerous functionalities such as an onboarding/offboarding tool, consultation of the company’s organization chart, reporting, self-service, surveys, etc. The unified Core HR will be the basis of your HRIS which will synchronize and connect all your data from your different HR tools. You will thus obtain a unified platform with a single entry point for all your HR tools.

Unified database dimension

With the PeopleSpheres HR platform, all employee information from your various modules is automatically synchronized and saved in the PeopleSpheres platform. No need to search for information scattered across your tools. Filter your search through the platform and find all the employee data you need.

Integration dimension

The PeopleSpheres HR platform is adaptable to all sizes of companies, industries, and their different ecosystems. It is an HR platform that can both connect your existing software and new ones that you are considering implementing. An integration process that goes with your pace. You can decide to first connect your HR tools related to administrative management (Payroll, Leave & Absences, etc…) and then add HR tools related to talent management (Recruitment, Training, Interviews & Objectives, etc…).