How to manage workforce planning ?

For many years, managing workforce planning has been a real headache. Effective workforce management is a necessity for companies and has two advantages: a better monitoring of hours and the schedule of each employee, and a better understanding from a legal aspect. For this, an equal and prepared distribution of the teams and various available resources is essential.

Workforce management is therefore not simply a calendar but a way to optimize the time management of employees and the company. Managing the workforce and scheduling goes hand in hand with managing resources and time. So it is important to be organized when it comes to all of these aspects so as not to affect workforce management. Moreover, knowledge of the availability and skills of each employee is a second fundamental aspect for good workforce scheduling, but this is only possible if the workforce management process in place is efficient. Lastly, managing schedules is extremely complex because it involves dealing with last-minute unforeseen circumstances.

How do you manage scheduling? What are the possible solutions to optimize workforce management? Which tools to use to manage schedules in a simple, fast, and efficient way?

What tool to use to manage scheduling?

In order to be even more competitive on the market, a good distribution and allocation of resources and teams is a real advantage. However, the process of efficiently scheduling, taking into account the constraints of each employee and legislation, is an extremely complex task for human resources.

It is important to have an overview of the company in order to assign a particular task to an available employee who has the required skills. Of course, this depends on the projects: some do not need to be planned while others need planning for the sake of team efficiency. Therefore, planning is not a trivial matter and is in no way to be neglected. So it is necessary for the HR department to work with a simple and efficient software in order to limit the waste of time.


Which scheduling software?

Ensuring regular monitoring within the company is necessary for an uncertain economic context and one of the most important tasks to optimize time is workforce management. Better time management increases productivity, which reduces costs and increases revenue. The key to staying competitive in the marketplace is, therefore, to examine workforce management, team management, and resource management very closely.

Planning means that an employee can be assigned a task in relation to his current workload, availability, and skills. This is easy to do if there are not many employees but as the company grows, the organization of planning becomes a very complex task. Indeed, the complexity of the task lies in the fact that it is necessary to follow the availability of all employees in order to allocate resources to projects in an efficient way.

Moreover, constraints beyond your control (e.g. sick leave) can disrupt your organization and waste time. The question is: how to succeed in optimizing resources despite unforeseen events?

HR Software: PeopleSpheres’ HRIS

We have the solution for you: PeoplesSpheres’ HR software. It will make your job easier by enabling you to implement personalized processes with which you can optimize your planning management and thus increase the productivity of your teams and company.

Thanks to our core HR and the workforce management module, you have a global view of the availability of each employee and access to the entire team’s schedule which will show you everyone’s workload. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to create activities and assign people and resources, on an ad hoc or regular basis. Our HR software will make your life easier. It is extremely intuitive and it will allow you to manage planning efficiently and thus increase your performance. Finally, better workforce management is beneficial to all: teams will be less stressed and more committed and you will have a clear and simple overview of the planning of each of your employees. Our planning software will be a game-changer for your business.

All thanks to a single module, with PeopleSpheres!

In order to integrate good workforce management into your business, our PeopleSpheres HR workforce management software will undoubtedly become your ally. Thanks to this module, you have a global view of your employees’ availability and you can assign them tasks based on their current workload and available time.

Do you want to double your productivity? Integrate effective resource and workforce planning. Thanks to the 360° view offered by the software, you will save a lot of time. Along with the HRIS platform, our module will allow you to optimize the workload and the planning of your employees.

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We have the solution for you: PeopleSpheres HR management software. You can easily manage staff and monitor your teams with our PeopleSpheres HR software. It has a scheduling module that makes it easy to set up the management of teams and resources effectively.

The process of scheduling is simplified and you can see the workload of all your employees and allocate tasks accordingly.

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