How to evaluate professional skills?

Assessing the professional skills in your company is essential for effectively managing recruitment and assigning tasks and missions to your employees. First of all, you must identify the skills you have available so that you can then put a development strategy in place and recruit the best performing people.

Identifying and evaluating professional skills involves listening to employees. Do they feel comfortable in their job or, on the contrary, do they feel that they lack skills? A performance appraisal can identify the skills acquired and those required by the employee for the company. A good skills management tool can help you to quickly and easily assess the professional skills in your company. The goal is to save time in this necessary step to better manage training and recruitment thereafter.

What is skill management?

Knowing and managing the skills of employees makes for better performance in your organization. Identifying skills is an important step and once the skills of your employees have been identified, it will be easier to decide which training is required to guide recruitment based on the skills that are missing in your company.

Accompany your employees in the management of their careers and encourage them to develop new skills. To do this, make development plans that will strengthen relationships in the company. Use skill matrices to better organize your workforce and resources, and search for employees and training based on the skills needed in your company.


How to manage the skills of your employees?

The skills present in your company are a huge added-value. Skills allow a company to differentiate itself from the competition and to affirm its position. It is, therefore, necessary to know how to identify and catalog them in order to establish an effective development plan.

Communicating with your employees helps establish a healthy and dynamic relationship in your company. Your employees will feel understood and listened to. For this, it may be important to set up performance appraisals to discuss the skills acquired and required from the employee. Together you can set up a training plan or a skills development plan. Use a matrix for the appraisal to correctly target the skills required for your employee’s position.

A skills management tool can help you to set up this development strategy and push you to identify the skills present in your company.


How to develop business skills?

There are many tasks involved in talent management and developing skills within the company is one of them. Managing the skills of employees allows them to develop professionally, which is essential for your company. Skills management is one of the most important human resources tasks because it helps to retain employees and improve the performance of the company.

Developing employee skills requires the implementation of effective and well-thought-out methods and tools. It is necessary to promote skills, but it is also necessary to offer training to develop the skills of your employees. Using skill matrices and monitoring the progression of employees are a couple ways to use tools to your advantage.

Develop the skills in your company with the PeopleSpheres solution.

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What tools to manage skills?

Managing the skills of your employees is a crucial task for your company. It allows you to anticipate future hiring needs, create training plans that are in line with your skill assessments and assign tasks and projects to the appropriate employees.

An effective skills management tool should enable you to evaluate the skills of your future employee as soon as they are hired, and to follow the development of their skills. The purpose of a skills management tool is to both automate all your processes to save you time and to align your employees’ skills with your business strategy. A good skills management tool allows you to easily identify your company’s strengths and therefore the skills that are missing from it.

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Which software for managing skills?

It is highly recommended to manage the skills of your employees using a software or a skills management tool adapted to your company. Before creating a development plan, it is important to identify the skills of your employees to adapt your strategy and thus increase your company’s potential. This can be done through individual performance appraisals so as to listen to and understand your employees and their needs. This will enable your company to anticipate its human resource management priorities and also to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

A skills management software can enable you to analyze the skills in the company and to involve your employees in the company strategy. After a detailed analysis and a skills assessment, you will be able to put in place adapted solutions.


Evaluate your employees’ professional skills with PeopleSpheres's HRIS

PeopleSpheres is a simple HR process management platform that offers you a skills management module. Thanks to our module, enjoy an overview of the skills available in your company. The module manages the regulations in force and allows you to closely monitor the qualifications of your employees. Conduct performance appraisals and maintain skills matrices provided by PeopleSpheres in order to always be up-to-date with the skills of all your employees. Find out your strengths and propose appropriate training accordingly.

Optimize your time by managing the skills in your company. Integrate our module into your recruitment processes to minimize errors and limit costs by aligning skills with your business strategy.

With PeopleSpheres, implement skills assessment tests to align them with your business strategy. To do this, create effective development plans using a skills matrix for all your employees and develop individual training plans. Your employees will finally play an important role in their own future and be able to anticipate their training and skills needs.

Access a catalog of more than 1,000 training courses that can be done online or in specialized centers. Retain your employees and give them the opportunity to acquire skills. Track training plans and performance appraisals and make quick and effective decisions about managing the skills of your employees.

PeopleSpheres provides you with a skills management module that allows you to quickly and easily identify your employees’ skills using customizable skill matrices. Then make an inventory of the skills in your company and anticipate changes in jobs and the market. Thanks to our skills management module, analyze the evolution prospects of your company and put in place actions that are consistent with the results provided. The skills acquired from your employees do not match those required for a position? Create an effective training plan so your employees acquire the right skills.

Manage skills in your company with PeopleSpheres's HRIS

PeopleSpheres provides you with a skills management module that aims to assess the skills of your employees. Track their progress and align your employees’ skills with your business strategy.

With PeopleSpheres you can make a business plan, conduct employee research and training according to skills, and benefit from a skills matrix and training according to profile. Maximize your company’s potential by filling in its skills gaps. Our efficient and easy-to-use software will also enable you to manage all other human resources tasks.

PeopleSpheres brings together a free HRIS platform and a multitude of modules to select according to your needs. Among these modules, the skills management module allows you to easily identify the skills present in your company. This module will allow you to manage recruitment better since you will know precisely which skills you need. Find employees and skills-based training and get an overview of the company by mapping skills.

Make a skills inventory and follow closely the qualifications of your employees. Reduce the risk of mistakes when recruiting or assigning tasks. Our skills management module offers you easy-to-use skills matrices to best identify each employee’s skills. PeopleSpheres, therefore, offers you a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool to manage the skills in your company.

PeopleSpheres offers an easy-to-use and reliable skills management module to manage the skills of your employees. Anticipate the evolution of the different positions in your company and quickly and easily identify the skills present in your company.

Get a complete picture of the employee skills already present in the company, research training and profiles based on the skills you’re looking for, and take advantage of a clear and easy-to-use skills matrix that will help you to combine skills in an optimal way. Accelerate decision-making and ensure compliance with the laws in force as regards GPEC with PeopleSpheres and our skills management module.