How to manage onboarding?

When recruiting a new employee, the company must ensure that the person adapts well. Facilitating the onboarding will make the employee operational faster. Indeed, managing employee onboarding is crucial for a company as it helps to increase productivity, facilitate teamwork and avoid unwanted turnover of staff.

Ensuring the employee is comfortable on arrival is essential. For optimal onboarding, it is important to provide them a workspace, instructions on the assignments that will be allocated to them, and a presentation of the company. The implementation of onboarding is a way to support your employees and make their first days and weeks easier. Managing to onboard well will therefore have a positive effect on the employee when he starts his role.

Which tool to manage onboarding?

Managing the onboarding of new talent is a fundamental task for the human resources department. Onboarding employees correctly is necessary for your employees to feel comfortable and therefore become productive more quickly. The first few days are crucial for the onboarding of your new employees. It is important to present the company to them, have them meet their colleagues, get their bearings, make their mark… Creating tailor-made onboarding programs also allows for effective management of the onboarding of new employees. This helps to lower the employee turnover rate while increasing productivity and involving the new employees directly.

Moreover, good onboarding management is important for remaining competitive in the market and attracting new talent; it is an integral part of the employer brand. Onboarding new employees is a strategic challenge. How do you effectively onboard employees?

Which onboarding software?

Onboarding an employee can sometimes be complex. From the application and interview through to the arrival of the new employee to the company, good management is always required. In addition to the multitude of administrative documents to fill in, it is important to introduce onboarding methods that develop team spirit and group cohesion so the new employee is comfortable and therefore effective as soon as possible. It is a good idea to implement onboarding programs and events as this will enable all employees to get to know the new recruit and thus facilitate his integration into the company.

An employee who does not feel comfortable will be less productive and diligent: it is for this reason that welcoming new employees in the company is extremely important. The performance of your teams is therefore directly impacted by onboarding management.

PeopleSpheres HRIS

We have an easy and efficient solution for you: our PeopleSpheres HR software which can help you to better manage the onboarding of your employees and fulfill your HR needs. It has been designed for companies of all sizes wishing to improve their HR management. Our software provides an onboarding management module and by adopting it, administrative procedures will be simplified and you can optimize the onboarding of new recruits.

You can also facilitate the exchange and monitoring of each employee through an internal community. Lastly, you have the possibility to create onboarding programs for your employees.

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With our PeopleSpheres HR software, you will simplify and facilitate the onboarding of employees in your company. Our PeopleSpheres software enables onboarding management by implementing virtual internal communities, streamlining processes by digitalizing administrative files, and creating simple and convenient onboarding programs.

With our HR software and onboarding module, you can help your employees to get integrated in the company in no time.

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The solution that enables you to properly manage onboarding is to use our PeopleSpheres HR software. Good onboarding management will make your life easier and save you time. Thanks to our HR software with a core HR and modules, you will be able to concentrate on strategic projects while ensuring good onboarding management, thus boosting your productivity.

With PeopleSpheres’ HR software, you have access to a whole host of features to simplify the onboarding of new employees. From the outset, you can set up customized onboarding programs for your employees. Also, the creation of an internal community will allow your employees to easily communicate with each other and consult company news. This will help you to strengthen group cohesion and the productivity of your employees.

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