Which software for the management of objectives ?

Managing corporate objectives depends above all on the organization of the multiple projects and on a thorough reflection of the various objectives set for company employees. Having a clear and global vision of the company’s objectives is important for defining the objectives of each employee.

A convenient solution to achieve this is to use specialized HR software to manage objectives. A performance management solution will ensure good communication within your company since each manager will have a view of their employees ‘ tasks. Employees will align more effectively with your company’s objectives. Managing performance makes it possible to challenge and motivate teams in order to improve their skills, and it helps your employees to adapt to the company’s strategy.

How to improve performance management?

Performance management is mandatory and an annual performance appraisal is a part of many companies’ performance management programs. The purpose of this appraisal is to review the skills of all employees, to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to propose solutions to any problems they encounter. It is also possible to implement training to address an employee’s skills gap or to improve their skills, with the aim, for example, of creating an effective succession plan.

Performance management is essential for a company’s future. Having an employee play an active role in achieving his or her objectives will enable you to improve the management of your objectives. An employee could also, for example, self-evaluate and work out for himself which skills he is lacking.

Which tool for performance management?

Performance management is often a complex task as it involves many areas of management: gathering the opinions of your employees, managing performance, managing interviews, evaluating employees upon the completion of projects… The real problem is that it is difficult to find a software solution that meets all these needs at the same time. Moreover, interviews are mandatory and their management requires time and a very precise organization, with respect to the company strategy and its values.

PeopleSpheres is the solution for you. It is an HR software that simplifies your repetitive tasks by automating them and saves you time for larger and more time-consuming tasks such as recruitment and talent management. PeopleSpheres offers you a complete solution that relieves you of tedious administrative tasks. Improving your employees’ performance and setting clear and easy goals will be easier with the recruitment management module.


Which tool to manage performance?

Performance management in a company is very important: defining current objectives is an important step in anticipating and planning for future objectives. Individual and mandatory performance appraisals are the best way to set achievable goals. You will be able to discuss with your employees their skills and performance in order to set the right objectives and assign the appropriate training to them. Be interested in your employees’ needs and listen to them: do they feel comfortable with their tasks? Do they want to progress? Employees who feel listened to and understood will perform better and be more efficient in their work.

A tool for performance management can be necessary for keeping objectives on track. It can be used to control the company’s objectives by providing you with tools for evaluating performance both individually and collectively. Do you realize when you have set objectives that are too ambitious? A good performance management tool can enable you to readjust your objectives easily at any time. A good performance management tool is therefore an evaluation tool that enables you to both anticipate the future objectives of your company and save time.


Which performance management software?

Managing performance can be a very complex process. Annual performance appraisals are necessary for assessing your employees’ potential, which is why they need to be handled with care. Enabling your employees to achieve their goals is important but this can be difficult to manage.

In order to make it easier for you to focus on the appraisal itself and not on the administrative management of it, a performance management software solution is recommended. You will thus have more time to focus on your employees’ motivations and achievement of their goals.


PeopleSpheres’ HRIS improves your performance management

PeopleSpheres is an HR services platform that offers a performance management module. Developing the performance of your employees quickly and optimally, developing visible operational objectives, and analyzing all objectives using dashboards, are the main features of our performance management module.

PeopleSpheres’ HR software with a core HR enables you to achieve better performance management. Thanks to its skills assessment tools, you can assess individual employee performance as well as team cohesion and productivity.

Accurately define and follow your employees’ goals throughout the year with PeopleSpheres!

PeopleSpheres allows you to easily manage all your appraisals. Set individual and collective goals for your employees and follow the development of the company in real time. Enable your employees to become more productive and time-savvy: they can get an overview of their performance, contribution and potential, which will allow them to self-evaluate.

Facilitate communication between all members of your company: PeopleSpheres allows your managers and employees to give feedback and thus improve transparency in your company.

PeopleSpheres is an HR software designed to simplify and manage HR administrative procedures more efficiently. Our HRIS adapts to businesses of all sizes for all needs. The platform ensures more efficient human resources management, facilitates administrative tasks, and involves employees in HR management processes within the company. Many optional modules can be added, such as the performance management module, which enables you to effectively manage all types of interviews (professional, annual, etc.), collective or individual objectives within your company, and management dashboards. These tools allow you to monitor the development of your employees and react quickly and efficiently when needed. Managing performance with PeopleSpheres is as simple as that!

Manage performance easily with PeopleSpheres!

PeopleSpheres’ HRIS a performance management tool

PeopleSpheres provides you with an effective performance management tool that saves you time. Structure your objectives correctly using the guidance and evaluation tools provided by PeopleSpheres. Improve the performance and productivity of your employees.

Manage your individual performance appraisals: PeopleSpheres helps you to plan these appraisals and keeps you up-to-date with regulations. Encourage your managers and enable them to stay in constant contact with your employees in order to understand their needs and thus offer training and support accordingly. Manage your objectives with PeopleSpheres, and easily anticipate your future needs.

PeopleSpheres offers you all its expertise on human resources management with its HR software. Equipped with a powerful core HR, all you need to do is connect your choice of HR module. Among these, the performance module allows you to quickly and easily comply with new regulations and improve the productivity of your employees. The advantage of having a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution is to continuously monitor the individual and collective objectives set for your employees and teams.

PeopleSpheres is not limited to this simple module: there are many different HR modules that ensure optimal human resources management. From leave management to compensation management and talent management, the possibilities are vast. PeopleSpheres’ adjustable and scalable HR software is dedicated to the performance of your human resource management.

The tools you need at your fingertips with PeopleSpheres!