What is the digitalization of pay stubs?

Payroll is an important task for the HR department and can be time consuming. Every week or every month the HR department has to distribute pay stubs to all employees and deal with various complaints. Digitalizing pay stubs makes it possible to avoid the rather tedious task of putting them in envelopes and distributing them, so the HR department can dedicate itself to higher value-added tasks.

The digitalization of pay stubs enables HR to automate the distribution of pay stubs, and the employee receives a notification to inform them that their pay stub is available online. He can then consult it, as well as all his previous pay stubs. This means that the HR department no longer has to print pay stubs, answer to incessant demands, and waste time.

  • Savings in terms of production and shipping costs
  • Time saving
  • Safer storage with secure spaces and digital safes
  • A simplification of the process of consulting and sharing pay stubs

PeopleSpheres' HRIS

The PeopleSpheres HR platform allows you to integrate any payroll software that digitalizes pay stubs and offers employees a secure space in which they can find historical pay stubs directly in the software. PeopleSpheres therefore supports digitalization solutions that corresponds to today’s society and responds to current HR issues. No more printing and sending papers, the automatic distribution of pay stubs makes this tedious task easier and saves you time.

The benefits of pay stub digitalization?

Archive pay stubs:

Each pay stub is automatically archived in the electronic safe. The documents are kept in a digital safe for more than 5 years in accordance with the regulations imposed by the labor code. Therefore, the digital safe is an online storage space for electronic archiving. Thus, each employee can consult the pay slip of their choice online.

Ensure document security:

As soon as the safe is configured, it will automatically “suck up” the new documents and store them in your secure personalized space. Pay stub digitalization software guarantees the integrity of each electronic bulletin.

Lower the costs:

Since pay stubs are sent electronically, postage costs and transport costs are considerably reduced. All your pay stubs are issued in electronic form. Thanks to pay stub digitalization software, you no longer send any paper slips. No need to send a pay stub in the mail physically or deliver a pay stub by hand ever again.

Manage access:

Another advantage of digitalizing pay slips is that you can manage the accessibility of each pay slip.

Facilitate the preparation of pay slips:

The creation of pay stubs is thus facilitated. Mandatory information (salary contributions, employer contributions, social security charges, legal obligations, etc.) is already inserted in the report template. In addition, information relating to each employee is also automatically inserted in pay slips (amount of gross remuneration, social security number, name and address, etc.).

Which software to use?

In terms of administrative management, dozens of HR software vendors offer pay stub digitalization capabilities. It is therefore difficult to choose between the different options. Here are the main features of a good pay stub digitalization feature:

  • Distribution and archiving of pay stubs
  • Storage of payslips for 10 years on the employer side and 50 years on the employee side
  • Notification when a new pay stub is available