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About the INTRASIPA Group

The result of the merger between SIPA and the Ouest France group in 2020, Intrasipa is now an undisputed leader in information and communication in France. With a talented team and a diversity of media, Intrasipa offers a captivating information experience through its 50 regional and local publications. Looking to the future, Intrasipa invests in innovation and aims to increase its impact in the coming years, while remaining true to its journalistic values.

5600 Employees
Group scope: 6 legal entities, 32 companies, 357 brands
Customers since May 2022

After many years of developing its HR system, a large group had accumulated a large number of independent, unconnected tools with varied access. The experience of their 5,600 employees was inadequate, leading them to go directly to HR staff for answers to their problems, creating a heavy workload. This group also expressed a strong need for identity. The group represents 360 different brands, and all its employees recognize each other under different brand identities. In order to bring all their employees together under a common umbrella, the HR department was looking for a digitalized, flexible and personalized solution.

Image Intrasipa Group Peoplespheres
Image Intrasipa Group Peoplespheres


The main challenge was to find a solution that was sufficiently robust and customizable to effectively manage the HR processes of 5600 employees and 360 brands.

  • Offer an inclusive online employee experience accessible to all.
  • Offer complete employee follow-up from pre-boarding to off-boarding.
  • Create collective coherence within the company using HR technologies.
  • Support change management and provide a sense of inclusion for many employees of all brands.
  • Interconnect all HR software used within the group and enable them to be monitored via a single interface.
  • Provide HR staff with a global view of data in real time.
Image Intrasipa Group Peoplespheres


  • Create a unified HR platform by interconnecting all existing systems and generating real-time dashboards.
  • Offer an HR self-service system to employees to facilitate exchanges and limit e-mails, messages and calls.
  • Digitization and automation of HR actions.
  • Offer permanent visibility of HR contacts to the many employees in each entity.
  • Eliminate double entry of HR data, thus reducing errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Smooth and rapid implementation of the system to support change management.
  • Adaptation and customization of the platform to each brand and entity to offer an inclusive and enjoyable employee experience.

When I arrived at the SIPA group, there were a number of tools that existed but were not interconnected. There was payroll software that served as the Core HR, but only towards payroll managers and HR staff, with no access to employees.”

Discover in video how PeopleSpheres successfully met the INTRASIPA challenge by offering a personalized, inclusive and comprehensive employee experience.


Our results

⚡ Better data visibility thanks to centralized HR administrative data and real-time visualization of dashboards.

⚡Increased productivity: 25% gain in productivity by eliminating double data entry and the errors associated with it.

⚡Optimize the employee experience by giving them autonomy and better follow-up, to the benefit of management and the company’s image.

⚡Interoperability and modularity: by creating an inclusive ecosystem and supporting the evolution of HR practices within the Group.

Image Intrasipa Group Peoplespheres
Image Intrasipa Group Peoplespheres
Solène Thomas HRIS Project Manager

“The SIPA Group comprises 6 legal entities, 32 companies and 356 brands: people who recognize themselves under a different image. We need to unite all these people around common challenges.”

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Image Intrasipa Group Peoplespheres

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