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About Provalliance

Created through a merger of Frank Provost group and Regis Corporation in 2008, Provalliance is the European leader and second in the world in the hairdressing market. With a portfolio of 18 brands, more than 3000 salons and boutiques spread across 35 countries, Provalliance is a company with strong ambitions and are looking to double its revenues in the next 5 years. Since 2021, Provalliance has focused on its international expansion, its digital transformation and its development in the world of beauty.

More than 40 systems
3000 employees
#1 hairdresser in Europe & #2 worldwide
Present in more than 35 countries
provalliance before and after PeopleSpheres

Needs and Evaluation of Provalliance Group

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Provalliance came into this project with the vision to unify their previously siloed HR functions and transform the role of HR within their organization.

  • Get rid of time-consuming tasks and put and end to email, fax and Excel-based processes
  • Break down silos within the HR department by ensuring that HR systems can talk to one another
  • Find a tool that is compatible with a maximum number of partners (either immediately or through quick development)
  • Implement a tool that adapts to the specificities of each business unit in the group: transformation and modernization in the hairdressing unit and flexible management in the distribution unit
  • Transform the HR role by freeing up time for higher value-added tasks
  • Retain employees by putting them in the best conditions possible to make them effective
  • Develop the employer brand in order to attract new talent such as independent hairdressers
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The first step was to deploy a unified core platform that acted a solid foundation for HR policies and existing HR systems. Then over time, scale up with additional tools that talk to one another and that are integrated into a global HR ecosystem.

  • Creation of a modern, agile and intuitive tool to improve the employee experience
  • Implementation of a modular platform based on the needs of the group and which brings together all data and software
  • Support growth by deploying a scalable solution which can be adjusted over time according to evolving needs
  • Access to a marketplace where providers that meet each need can be found
  • Put in place a team dedicated to monitoring all digital transformation projects
  • Integrate digital tools (scheduling tools, recruitment tool, etc.) on their platform  to save time

” We needed a partner to join us in our desire for growth.”

Discover in this video how PeopleSpheres succeeded in solving the challenge of modernizing and transforming the HR role at Provalliance.

Turn closed captions (cc) on for the English translation. 

Actionable and Measurable Results

⚡ More time to focus on human management with higher value-added initiatives

⚡ Better communication among employees

⚡ More reliable data and better process monitoring

⚡ An improved employee experience thanks to digitalization of processes and the elimination of time-consuming tasks

⚡ An improved employer brand that allows the company to differentiate from other players in the industry

⚡ Transparency provided by the ability to share information in real time

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Jenna Pignerol Human Resources Director

“At the time of the launch, we made the choice to work with a time management vendor that did not work. Extremely quickly, PeopleSpheres found a solution that was suitable for us the client and the service provider. Very quickly, new demos started with new partners. Very powerful freedom and flexibility!”

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